87Why are you doing that Sohu -|Why are you doing that Sohu -9

Why are you doing that? – former Sohu mother remember listening to a joke, the man asked the woman, how to read the lovemaking. The man said that if the water is more than attending PIA PIA PIA, if the water is less attended Pa Pa PA. Of course, this is just a joke, all people know that men like women under the water, so that the bed movement are happy with each other. Sometimes, did, some women is five water, dry let life greatly reduced, why do you do here? Guoxingshenghuo women are aware of the "water", the vagina more pleasure longer. It is a natural lubricant of the vagina, can effectively reduce the pain of friction. But there are also some women because of various reasons and vaginal dryness problems, how to solve? Premature ovarian failure is premature ovarian failure before the age of 40 female menstruation has reached a year, or in his thirties when they showed less menstruation or have regular menstrual suddenly don’t come. Some women gave birth to a baby that menopause is not a bad thing — life without contraception, but ignore the signal of premature ovarian failure. In addition to its premature menopause, also can appear the whole body hot flashes, facial redness, skin elasticity, lack of emotional instability, especially vaginal dryness pain when sexual life. Moisturizing tips: premature ovarian failure may adopt method of supplemental estrogen, but should menstruation began to change, as adjusted, recovery of ovarian function. At the same time, there is a good state of mind in a calm mood can not only moisturizing skin, more moisturizing "" fu. Postpartum after childbirth women often complain of pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal dryness, loss of libido…… After delivery due to a sharp decline in hormone levels, if breast-feeding is more likely to be affected by sexual life, so there are a part of the postpartum women in a short period of time, the abnormal sex is normal. At the same time, vaginal delivery workers often have vaginal birth injury, or birth injury caused by scar. Sometimes the female sex to feel pain, resulting in the formation of postpartum dry. Moisturizing tips: the best use of vaginal lubricants. A good lubricant is water soluble, oil free, close to the body’s natural body fluids, not only comfortable, but also easy to clean, not only to ensure the quality of sexual life, but also to avoid the occurrence of side effects. According to the vaginitis pathogens were divided into fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis. Inflammation can cause vaginal congestion, leucorrhea, body itching, burning pain or dry. At this time, sexual behavior will not only bring the bacteria to sexual partners, but also cause sexual pain. Moisturizing tips: women with vaginitis during treatment, do not have sexual intercourse and other genital contact behavior. On the one hand, we can avoid the friction of sexual intercourse, vaginal congestion and inflammation; on the other hand, can prevent cross infection, forming a vicious cycle. After the end of treatment, in the next menstrual clean and then do a review, if negative, before returning to normal life.

27Four change index has long and short logic breakthrough point near – fund channel|Four change index has long and short logic breakthrough point near – fund channel9

Four change index has long and short logic breakthrough point near – channel fund analysts believe that the index has been approaching the breakthrough point, the market has the ability to go out after the continuous adjustment of the market, and the breakthrough stage high point of 3140 points. The stock of the game environment changes Shandong SG: Wednesday market showing differentiation trend, stock index continued to adjust, while the gem refers to the strong counter, but the stock of the game state, the weight of the weak resonance, it is difficult to place, it can not effectively release market will inevitably have repeatedly. Rebound logic, asset allocation behavior under the background of shortage of stock is not only speculation, is more likely to become the trend to maintain basic spiral, high dividend yield underestimate the value of blue chip long-term allocation quality gradually, from this perspective, A shares of the stock of the game environment is changing, this change may cause two results: first, it is really hot style turned blue chips, small and medium-sized stocks follow second, due to the blue chip compensatory growth; as the representative of the value of the shares hot wheels, the market fall blocked. Northeast Securities: at present, the extent of pupil logic may have four aspects of inversion. First of all, the rise and overnight a week SHIBOR interest rates and stabilize the long end of the interest rate will weaken the "asset shortage" logic; secondly, the central bank to restart the 14 day reverse repurchase amount, although it does not necessarily mean that the bonds reduced leverage, but also indicates that the short-term drop quasi monetary easing is expected to weaken; third, in Japan the CIRC chairman Xiang Junbo said "long money short for" after the CIRC intends to strictly limit the development of the insurance company in the short duration of the product, A shares of venture capital placards will heat or cooling; fourth, than expected U.S. new home sales data as well as a number of local Federal Reserve chairman delivered hawkish remarks, and whether or not the fed in September to raise interest rates, enhance the market are conducive to increasing the subsequent monetary policy operating space for the expected increase in interest rates, the external environment of A shares will also increase the disturbance. There may be on the State Securities: market yesterday in the lowest to 3079.55 points after maintaining the sideways trend, good sign is the 2 consecutive day closing price is raised, a bad sign is the continuous shrinkage of turnover, lack of sustained hot lead market strength. From a technical point of view, the index is approaching the point of breakthrough, relatively optimistic, the market has the ability to go out after the continuous adjustment of the market, and break through the high point of the previous 3140 points. The trend in the clear, the right side of the transaction or wait for investors to participate in the market even if appropriate, Kuaijinkuaichu strategy is appropriate. Shandong SG: the operation of stock index in the 5 day moving average and 10 day moving average in the market gradually with average plywood bonding, running space more and more narrow, so the volatility of the stock market will not last too long, but below the 3050 point gap there, shrinking downward adjustment was a positive sign of the disk ready, pick up the theme, market there is still a possible attack. Huatai Securities: from a technical point of view, the first round of the market rally in the vicinity of 3060 points, where the high point of the previous, showing that the market is not far from the stabilization. After 7 consecutive trading days.