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Wuxi houses early in the morning due to a gas leak explosion has caused 4 dead 6 injured (Figure), street wall House Road No. 220 houses explosion caused the collapse of the housing. Sun Quan photo wall House Road No. 220 street, a house explosion caused the collapse of the housing. Sun Quan photo September 19 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Sun Quan) 19 day at 4:54 in the morning, Jiangsu Wuxi New Area Shuofang Wu street wall Zhai Road No. 220 houses explosion caused the collapse of the housing, the people buried pressure. As of press time reporter, the scene has been the end of the search and rescue, the accident has caused 4 people were killed and another 6 injured in hospital for treatment. Cause of the accident is under investigation. Wuxi police today announced that, after a preliminary understanding, the collapse of houses to 3 two storey houses, a layer of three restaurants, suspected for liquefied gas leak caused the explosion. "I thought it was an earthquake, and got up and ran out." Residents near the accident site master Xu told reporters, the day before dawn when he was awakened by a loud noise, thought the earthquake, he ran out to see, that is Wall House Road No. 220 side collapsed, there was a woman trapped in the rubble and shouted for help. Xu master understand what happened in the vicinity of the majority of residents were awakened by the sound of the explosion, some residents heard the cry for help after the spontaneous rescue, then someone called the alarm call. "The woman was rescued after we said his family buried inside, asked us to save her family." Master Xu said that the woman was rescued, said the whole house and 9 people were buried. Subsequently, Wuxi fire, 120 emergency, police rushed to the scene of the accident rescue. Reporters rushed to the scene, the police have pulled up the cordon at the scene of the accident at the wall of the house, and control of traffic around the scene of the accident. The scene around the street is full of broken glass, collapsed houses is in ruins. After the accident, many onlookers residents have to discuss the matter. According to the surrounding residents, about 10 days ago, one side of the houses along the street just opened a store of duck fans. The explosion of the "center", this is a new duck fans shop. Residents also said that the accident was buried several people are migrant workers to Wuxi. After the woman rescued, and soon there was a little boy was pulled out, and then there are 2 men, 2 women and the rescue of the children were taken to hospital after the rescue of 2." Onlookers told reporters, because the sound is too large, most of the residents were awakened, so there are a lot of people rushed to the scene early in the morning onlookers. (end)相关的主题文章:

The child homework dawdling This rule, a rule of a quasi! Sohu –81sese.com

The child homework dawdling? This rule, a rule of a quasi! Sohu of maternal education children always encounter some difficult problems, a nagging, even beaten, still the same result tomorrow! Sometimes I would like to think: this child is not saved?! In fact, to save the child is mom and dad are not. Take a look at this article, learn a word to solve the problem, bid farewell to my day! What were you doing when the children were doing their homework? Error: while watching TV to supervise the child, his mouth kept saying: "write faster." "Don’t dawdle." "Don’t watch TV, study hard." Results: the child is not happy: "why you can watch TV, I can not see, really unfair." The correct approach: adults also read, do not disturb the child, to create a strong atmosphere of family learning. Results: the child peace of mind, mind are learning. ? the child homework dawdling, drag, not concentrate on the bed, but did not finish homework. What would you do? Wrong approach: reprimand the child: "are you mad at me, why not finished, I’ll not look not, hurry to write! I look at you." Results: children are not in a hurry, still slowly see the right approach: seriously, calm the children said: "children, homework is your own business, you should be responsible for their own things, not finished writing, the sleep, tomorrow I went to school with the teacher." Make sure the child is responsible for the consequences of his actions Results: the children realize his mistake, regret, thought: "this is over, how to tell the teacher say, tomorrow will do homework quickly, otherwise have to be criticized." The children have been watching TV, do not sleep do not work, how do you do? Wrong way: anger turned the TV off, yelling to the child to do homework or sleep. Result: the child is full of unhappy to go, and I hate you, that you are a tyrant. The right approach: calm the children said: "children, you should write the homework, if not finish will aipi. How long do you want to see it?" Child: "can I see another 10 minutes?"" Parents: "OK, say count, time to turn off the tv." The two sides take a step back. Results: time is up, the children take the initiative to turn off the TV, go to bed or homework. ? the child homework write illegible, how do you do? Wrong approach: angry: how to write so chaotic, you can not write a little?" Even gas tore the kids’ homework. Results: children at a loss. The right approach: seriously, calm the children said: "children, I have already said, write neatly to rewrite, because not neat, the teacher can not see clearly, you see, this is the" Regulations ", can not be destroyed, so you have to rewrite the. You see, you should write like this (about writing norms, horizontal and vertical, the same size.). Kid, you just have to write more than you just have to progress on the line (and their ratio), have confidence?" Results: children understand the importance of the "Regulations", the heart thinks: "more than just相关的主题文章:

The stock market will have a holiday Kim Gu quotes no silver ten-400ai.com

The stock market was Kim Gu A shares after the silver ten Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Securities Times Online (07 October) after hearing the on line 3 with Yang, the market in September after the two fell Tiaokong, closing out a small Yin K line, amplitude month only 4.43%, record lows for the year. The amount of energy and in February, the year May volume equivalent. Review of the market in September, investors look forward to the "Kim Gu" from the beginning of the end of the month to month, disappointed. It should be said that the cause of the market in September low-spirited is in many aspects. This kind of reason has not only external factors, but also internal factors. From external factors, U.S. interest rates are expected to fall from the suspense to boots, during the period of volatility in the stock market than in Europe, but also to some extent affected the trend of A shares; from the view of internal factors, on the one hand, the domestic real estate market continued unpopular with the A stock market has formed a deserted house, addict double day scene; on the other hand, a large number of restricted shares lifted the cash holdings, and the whole month up to 26 new shares issued and intensive part of the market, the market has been stretched like one disaster after another general overwhelmed. With the market in September ended, the national day for the upcoming October market, the legend of the "silver ten" can look forward to? Xinhuanet.com reported, according to the post market, brokerage analysts said, after the holiday or are to stage a rebound". According to reports, the respondents, insurance, funds, private equity and other institutional investors generally believe that, in view of the financial side, the fundamentals, the emotional factors in the post stage is expected to improve, the suppression of the recent market performance strength or eased, the market is expected to stage a rebound. Jiutai Fund recently released a report, clear expression of the "real estate regulation policy is expected to promote the stock market or become a new variable" point of view, that "the recent property market booming, expected with the regulation of the property market is expected to overweight, marginal to cool the property market and the stock market" seesaw effect "of the marginal changes, is conducive to the stock market funds the better." Coincidentally, Suzaku investment manager also noticed that A shares with the property market "hot and cold contrast. "In the property market funds diversion case, before the market sentiment tends to be cautious, after the four quarter market volatility will likely increase, the market after a long time after the sideways facing the direction of choice. However, the four quarter of the market trend, should be cautious but not pessimistic, the fourth quarter should be based on the bottom-up layout of the positive stage." Insurance institutions for the four quarter market performance is not pessimistic. The point of view of a number of large insurance institutions investment managers, although there is no substantial improvement in the fundamentals of the economy, but there is no further deterioration of the situation, the market has not changed the pattern of regional shocks. "Therefore, we continue to maintain the previous 2800 points to 3200 points to carry out the strategy of band operation in Shanghai, if the stock index fell to around 2900 points, according to the characteristics of their own funds, bargain opening." State Securities believes that eleven of the market risk appetite in the event of a large weight events were: (1) domestic real estate sales, the theory of相关的主题文章:

Morgan Stanley in September the United States will not raise interest rates-女f4

Morgan Stanley: in September the United States will not raise interest rates the stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 30, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that the U.S. government bonds mostly head Morgan Stanley predicted that the Fed will next month by the soldiers do not move, policymakers did not change Morgan Stanley in Jackson Holzer will talk about. Even if the 5 year bond was the worst performing month since February last year, the Wall Street heavyweight bank is still suggesting that investors continue to buy a $5 u.s.. Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen said last week that the interest rate hike has been enhanced, led the market implied interest rate hike in September 20-21 day monetary policy meeting from 24% in the early last week soared to $42%. Fed vice chairman Stanley Fischer said Friday’s employment report will be the key. Morgan said non farm payrolls added market may be disappointed. "We found that Jackson’s annual meeting in was unlikely to change our perception of the US Treasury market," wrote strategist Matthew Hornbach and Guneet Dhingra in a report to clients. Although the August employment report presents the risk is obvious, but we still believe that the market implied that the rate hike in September will eventually be zero, rather than 100%." Tokyo time 13:46, the U.S. 5 year bond yields rose by 2 basis points to 1.19% last week rose to 51 percent in, the highest level since June 23rd. This month, the yield has risen 17 basis points. Editor: Wang Yongsheng SF153相关的主题文章:

Commission listed companies to ban anti takeover provisions to limit the legitimate rights of shareh-97179

Commission: listed companies cut through the anti takeover provisions limiting shareholders’ legal rights – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, according to the SFC website news, some listed companies choose to modify the articles of association of the company to avoid malicious mergers and acquisitions, Securities Regulatory Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun 26, said, according to relevant regulations, provisions of articles of association of the listed company involved in terms of the control of the company agreed to follow the laws and administrative regulations, and shall not make use of anti takeover provisions to limit the legal rights of the shareholders. If found illegal, the Commission will take regulatory measures according to law. Press conference, the media said, according to our understanding, some listed companies choose to amend the company’s articles of association to avoid malicious mergers and acquisitions, regulators how to treat this problem? Zhang Xiaojun said that recently, some of the board of directors of listed companies to propose a motion to introduce a series of anti takeover provisions in the articles of association, the market has been widely discussed. In this regard, the exchange issued a regulatory inquiry, the relevant securities regulatory bureau interviewed relevant personnel of the company, require the company through information disclosure, full, targeted to explain relevant provisions set legality, legitimacy and necessity. Zhang Xiaojun pointed out that, according to the "Securities Law", "company law", "management of listed companies to buy" provisions of the provisions of the articles of association of listed companies involved in terms of control of the company agreed to follow the laws and administrative regulations, and shall not make use of anti takeover legal rights restrictions of shareholders. Securities Regulatory Commission to regulate the acquisition of listed companies and related changes in equity interests, found illegal, will take regulatory measures according to law.相关的主题文章:

Accused of Liao Han Tian Pujun v. WeChat public No.-kisstudou

Accused of "Liao Han" Tian Pujun v. WeChat public, Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) by a public number WeChat published an article called "Liao Han" "wild west", Wang Shi’s girlfriend Tian Pujun reputation infringement, the WeChat public number of holders of Ms. Wang to court, asked for an apology, to eliminate the effects of compensation for mental damages 500 thousand yuan and reasonable expenses 5 yuan. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, Chaoyang Court has formally accepted the case. Tian Pujun said the prosecution, in July 4th this year, Ms. Wang in the WeChat registered public "beast floor" entitled Tian Pujun Liao Han past, world would be unorthodox woman away "article, her wantonly slander. The article was published, the amount of reading in 7 hours that is more than 1 million 200 thousand. Although Ms. Wang later deleted the article, but its reputation has been the damage has been formed, and has not been deleted due to the deletion of articles. Tian Pujun said, the accused, the wanton wanton slander, saying it is the cause of Wang Shi’s "dilemma" and "death", "Vanke Wang Shi accumulated goodwill in Miss Tian long time self speculation exhausted" Wang Shi today’s predicament, heavily influenced by the relationship of drag". In addition, the plaintiff’s character and integrity groundless slander, said clearly active pursuit of this relationship…… But it is necessary to put the victim’s attitude in all public places, malicious attacks on their personality. The article also fabricated cases, saying that the real estate business to do with Vanke, meaning that it engaged in related party transactions, and even alleged crimes. Tian Pujun believes that Ms. Wang’s behavior caused a very bad influence on its public image, so that its public evaluation to reduce, causing great psychological and mental damage. To this end, WeChat sued each other in public, "beast floor" and the major portals on the apology, eliminate the effects of compensation for mental damages 500 thousand yuan and reasonable expenses 5 yuan. It is reported that the court had to call Ms. Wang contact Tian Pujun provided, but the staff said the number is not ms.. After the court by courier service are provided to Tian Pujun Wang residential address and residence address by post litigation materials, notify the other party to appear in court. Express tracking records show that the lawsuit material has been signed. As of press time, Ms. Wang has not taken the initiative to contact the court.相关的主题文章: