00 anchor live Doll grasp seventy thousand cash only caught a hand to do-noiseware

00 anchor live Doll grasp seventy thousand cash only caught a live hand to do early heard within the circle of ash, like many nouveau riche, 55, motionless is ten million annual salary, Xiao Bian has been very suspicious, really so rich? However, a few days ago, Xiao Bian saw a 00 anchor after one hour smashed 700 thousand yen, without batting an eye, only Bo girl smile. Two anchor Japan Doll grasp these two anchors are fire cat broadcast platform anchor, anchor man named CC, a Belgian China mixed 99 years little meat in the fire, when the cat is already well-known anchor between the main broadcast network, with about 300000 subscribers. Female anchor called grapefruit, is a well-known B station UP. Originally, just to show you some of the unique culture of Japan, but when they go to a shop to do when the female anchor was doll machine shop to attract, want to grab a hand to do it. After grasping the doll machine is the failure of a few times, the female anchor is not a little happy, male anchor stood out at this time, to the female anchor to ensure that she caught a. However, he also failed, after more than a dozen times, the two anchors on the money almost exhausted. On the face of some hung up the men can not immediately get the 100 thousand yen, and soon with light. Female anchor feel some atmosphere is not right to persuade male anchor, but has been on the top of the male anchor simply can not persuade, breath took 1 million yen. Xiao Bian was shocked, although the 1 million yen into RMB only more than 66 thousand dollars, but when he was carrying a large bag of coins over the whole set, everyone in the store at the side, the studio is full screen 666. Just spent 700 thousand yen, the money is good in the end and spent about 500000 yen, the men out a hand to do finally. Here, in order to catch a male anchor this figure has spent more than 50 thousand yuan of money, small can only sigh, money is good. (source: Tencent game editor: WB) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: