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A 109 year old man died to donate the body: death is useful is the best Meng Qinggan holding his father’s body donation registration certificate, said his father was proud of their children. Xu Jietu newspaper Ji’nan October 27th news (reporter Xu Jie) the morning of October 24th, Ji’nan 109 year old Meng Xiantao finish his life, his family helped him to complete the last wish — the remains will be donated to the cause of medical research, he is the current age of our province’s largest donor. In October 26th, Ji’nan Yuhan Hill Cemetery, Meng Xiantao old children will be his father’s hat, groceries and his precious letters, photos and Meng Xiantao buried cemetery, the remains of the elderly according to his wishes, donated to the Qilu Hospital of Shandong University. The old man Meng Xiantao in October 24th 8 in the morning to die at home, he was very calm, then. Prior to this, he has been lying in bed for several days. Meng Xiantao old nanny Huang Xiufang said, although a few months before his death, he has the spirit is not good, often in bed, not often sat at the desk reading a newspaper, but also the normal diet, that morning, he ate a bowl of Oatmeal Milk porridge. Meng Xiantao was born in 1907. He had told the media that if people die can be useful, this is the best. Life is over, will be donated to the body for scientific research, because this can save people, very great". 2009, when the 102 year old Meng Xiantao registered as a body donation volunteers, he regarded this as their children’s glory. October 24th, after receiving the notice of the elderly Meng Xiantao family, Qilu Hospital,, the staff came to the old man, the remains of the old man to the hospital to save. There are many legends in the life of the century old man. At the age of 18 he joined the Communist Party, once sheltered underground, rescue party members were arrested. The outbreak of Anti Japanese war in 1937, Zhanhua is a primary school teacher Meng Xiantao decided to go to Tai’an to the old comrades, joined the Anti Japanese guerrilla. More than a hundred years of life, Meng Xiantao had a lot of identity, his last job is to teach geography in a primary school. It is understood that Ji’nan registered a total of 2128 body donation volunteers, has been achieved in 256 cases, corneal donation registration of 730, has achieved a total of 141 cases. 109 year old Meng Xiantao is currently the largest in the province of the remains of donors. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: