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12 year old girl fall propped aunt was threatening the money go (Figure) – Sohu news girl Mo Jingmin (left). More than and 50 year old aunt fall, 12 year old girl to help take the initiative in the past, this is a good thing. However, in turn, aunt framed the little girl, frighten her not to lose money can not leave, finally fortunately have enthusiastic people to stand up to help rescue, aunt did not succeed. Recently, the real scene in an town road construction stage. A review of the little girl propped against women was framed in October 31st around 4 pm, a 12 year old little girl riding a bicycle shop in walking road construction. When a 50 year old aunt also riding a bicycle with the little girl in opposite direction. Suddenly, "ah" a cry sounded, I do not know why aunt fell off the bike. At this time, the little girl from the aunt about 2 meters away. The little girl after hearing the voices stopped to see Aunt lying on the ground, immediately ran up to her and spilled things away. However, the next scene surprised the people around. Aunt hold the little girl, the little girl claimed that she was knocked down, let the little girl out of pocket. The little girl is first one, then the fright, pale. Pedestrians are stopped onlookers. 71 year old uncle Mo Jingmin is drinking tea in the shop, see things through. He is indignant, immediately ran past, loudly to the aunt said: "Why are you doing this? You fall, has nothing to do with the little girl." Then Mo Jingmin turned to the little girl and said, "don’t worry, you have to go home." The little girl feel wronged, tears are falling down. Mo Jingmin rushed to comfort her, let her leave. The woman saw the little girl left, then pestering Mo Jingmin to he’s really not letting this go, he asked: "is she your what?" Mo Jingmin replied: "she and I be strangers to each other. If you want to lose money, that you and I went to the police station to judge." Mr. Li also stood watching, and loudly to the woman said: "you have a son grandson? You are such a person, blackmail greedy for money, even a little girl did not miss, your son is watching!" around pedestrians have also accused the women together, "people the children kindly help you up, you should" return kindness with ingratitude evil for good students to do good deeds!, but was wrong, you have to go to Italy conscience? "" do such a wicked thing, be careful "…… In many people accused, the women feel wrong, feel shy to go down, then riding a bicycle went away. Residents should be encouraged to do a good thing and should not be wronged in this matter caused by a hot shop. Most people praised Mo Jingmin courageous, dare to speak a little girl. A good student to do things, but to be wronged. I don’t want to live to a great age, swallow, watched the little girl wronged? "Recalled the incident, Mo Jingmin is still very excitedly said," then I also told this matter son, son praises me, I don’t have to worry about comfort. If everyone does not make a sound, then the girl how much psychological blow!相关的主题文章: