13 year old boy went out one day did not return to the test results of the first grade (video) aspack

13 year old boy went out one day did not return the outstanding test over the latest progress: first grade children have been found, "the son has been lost for more than and 20 hours, the mobile phone has been shut down, so we are very worried." Yesterday, a district resident Gaojiatai Ms. Wu told reporters the Changjiang Daily, 13 year old son, 6 pm to 2 am out of the house to copy has not returned. Ms. Wu said, the son of a middle school in wansongyuan started reading, usually honors, was the first grade. 6 is Sunday, the school did not attend classes, children do homework at home. At 2 pm, he asked his mother for $4, said to go out copying information, but did not come back for a long time. "When he asked me for money, he didn’t show anything unusual." Ms. Wu said that his son did not return for a long time, but he called the phone has been turned off, Ms. Wu can not help but worry about. Residence near a print shop, Ms. Wu to find, the owner said he did not see his son, check the store monitoring, did not see his son figure. Wu also looked at the printing shop opposite a property company monitoring, found at 2:58 PM, the son appeared in the street, carrying a light green bag, it is the way he went out. At 8 o’clock that night, the son did not go home, Ms. Wu will report to the class teacher. After the teacher heard that the matter is also very anxious, immediately rushed to Ms. Wu’s home, and the news of the child lost to the parents of the WeChat group. "At that time, we speculated that he might go to the students home. However, asked a lot of parents, said they did not see." Many parents issued a missing person in the circle of friends in WeChat. That night, children, relatives and teacher enthusiastic parents more than and 20 people throughout the night looking for, and in the streets near the subway station, until 2 pm still no news. He is a cheerful, healthy children, academic performance is also very good, probably because of the lack of communication with their parents." Ms. Wu worried that the wind outside the heavy rain, the son of the cell phone also can not get through, the families are very anxious. Son body fat, wearing gray uniforms, black pants, short hair. She appealed to the public to help pay attention, if there is a message please call 15327185859 or 15392919292. Currently, the family has to Tang Jiadun police station alarm. This afternoon, the Yangtze River Daily reporter consulted the police station, the other said, after receiving the alarm system has been entered into the family of missing information, once there is news, will immediately notify the family. At 5:30 pm today, Ms. Wu told the Yangtze daily news reporter, just received enthusiastic public phone, said the shop in the vicinity of ten subway station to see the child. "The enthusiastic citizen also took pictures, we are sure. Now a little relieved, there have been rushed to find." 14 year old boy left home before school weariness away two thousand yuan to the bus station on the big Chu official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: