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18 companies are now the social security fund figure gem 6 stocks accounted for the largest – fund channel reporter Sun Hua "social security fund usually on policy control of the strong, by the observation of the stocks held by the industry, to find out can be a period of time in the future of national policy." Investment advisor financial industry researcher Huo Xiaohua in the "Securities Daily" reporter said, therefore, the social security fund’s shareholding is usually subject to concern by investors. According to flush related company stock movements data show that, as of February 17th, there are 70 listed companies released the 2015 annual report, of which there are 18 companies circulating shareholders appeared in the shadow of the social security fund. Among them, the social security fund for the period the number of shares the largest stocks have 3, namely: Beijing culture, wanwei and union of science and technology, the number of shares are more than 10 million shares, respectively 21 million 421 thousand shares, 20 million shares and 17 million 501 thousand and 600 shares. Data show that the social security fund stocks in the new period of 4, respectively, leading garden biological intelligence, Jiuding investment and wanwei. The stock fund holdings of 7, respectively, Beijing culture, light rhyme, garden, biological pilot intelligence, Jiuding investment, wanwei high, Glarun technology company, among them, the number of pension fund holdings more than 10 million shares of the 2 companies, respectively Beijing culture and wanwei. At the same time, the social security fund has reduced the shares of the joint technology, Sophia, Wan run science and technology, Bao Tak shares, flush, Sannuo biological and CITS joint venture, the largest reduction of shares is the joint technology, holdings of shares reached 17 million 500 thousand shares. From the stocks held by the social security fund this period, the GEM stocks favored by the social security fund, 18 stocks in the gem has 6 stocks, accounting for the largest proportion.

18家公司现社保基金身影 创业板股6只占比最大-基金频道   本报记者 孙 华  “社保基金通常对政策的把控性较强,通过观察其所持个股所处的行业,可以大致摸清未来一段时间内国家政策的走向。”中投顾问金融行业研究员霍肖桦在接受《证券日报》记者采访时表示,因此,社保基金的持股情况通常会受到投资者的关注。  据同花顺 相关公司股票走势 数据显示,截至2月17日,已有70家上市公司发布了2015年年报,其中,有18家公司的流通股股东中出现了社保基金的身影。其中,社保基金本期持股数量最多的个股有3只,分别为:北京文化、皖维高新和联化科技,持股有数量均超过1000万股,分别是2142.1万股、2000万股和1750.16万股。  数据显示,社保基金本期新进的个股有4只,分别为花园生物、先导智能、九鼎投资和皖维高新。社保基金增持的个股有7只,分别为北京文化、光韵达、花园生物、先导智能、九鼎投资、皖维高新、国睿科技,其中,社保基金增持数量超过1000万股的公司有2家,分别为北京文化和皖维高新。同时,社保基金本期减持的个股有联化科技、索菲亚、万润科技、宝德股份、同花顺、三诺生物和国旅联合,减持股份最多的是联化科技,减持股份达1750万股。  从社保基金本期所持的个股看,创业板股票受到社保基金的青睐,18只个股中创业板有6只个股,占比最多。相关的主题文章: