2 people were injured in a shooting near a polling station in California-stellarium

The United States of California near a polling station shooting 2 injured original title: California near a polling station shooting at least 2 people were injured data figure: U.S. presidential elections are held in November 8th local time, will be elected president of the United States, the house of representatives of all staff and 1/3 senators, 12 state governors and members of the 86 legislative bodies 44 state. The picture shows the American people in New York Brook forest station fill in the form. Beijing, November, according to U.S. cable television (CNN) reported that the United States on the day of the general election, located in a polling station near Azusa, California shootings, resulting in at least 2 people were injured. Polling stations have been shut down. Police sources said the helicopter has been used to send at least two wounded to a nearby hospital. Azusa about 30 miles from Losangeles. The shooting did not happen at the polling station, a male witness at a polling station said the police told them to stay indoors. Another female witness said she heard the sound of gunfire. She said officials are currently not allowed to leave the building, but people can still wait for the time to vote. The woman said she estimated that about 30 people were left behind in a closed polling site. In addition, about 15-20 children were evacuated from the gym in the same building. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: