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2016 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference: " " is a big chess – media – people.com.cn original title: open is a big chess network red live (on) and VR hall experience for Congress to add more futuristic and interactive. The achievements of the 30 listed companies, registered entrepreneurs more than 6 million partners, total revenue amounted to 16 billion yuan in September 22nd — this is the "open? Announced share" as the theme of the 2016 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference on digital, Tencent Inc also implement the strategy of opening the 5 year bear the heavy fruit. For the open, Tencent also under a big chess. Ren Yuxin, chief operating officer of Tencent Inc, said in the main forum, the next 5 years, Tencent will open up a new ecosystem with partners to build a total of $six trillion. What do you think? Not absent feast according to the statistics authority, the world’s top 20 economies in the Internet, the total output value exceeding $4 trillion; the market value of the latest statistics show that the global TOP10 market value of the company in 6 is the Internet Co. Lin Songtao, vice president of Tencent Inc, from which to see an interesting trend: the 6 companies without exception is a platform company, and has its own open platform and a wide range of partners. In other words, their success is not only rely on their own efforts, but to create an open platform to rely on the success of the sharing of the economy. Uber, Airbnb, Wework and other global travel by the market value of the top ten "unicorn", like this. "From the development of domestic" Internet plus "to the overseas innovative economy, the future opening and sharing is the main theme of the times." Lin Songtao said. The revolutionary changes are taking place in the Internet "new ecology", the board of directors of the Tencent Inc chairman and CEO Ma Huateng before the partners "to open letter" analysis pointed out that if the previous open is a tree, is now open a net. Tree structure is becoming a ‘de centric’ of the network structure, the formation of independent growth partners, partners in a number of areas with the opening of the new ecological Tencent." Ma Huateng pointed out that the future of the new ecosystem will not only grow a lot of vertical subdivision ecology, each partner can also be open to share, free connection. This also means that the opening strategy of the Tencent will be open from the initial flow, the ability to open to open ecological. For the future development of open thinking, Ren Yuxin summed up the 3 key words: cross-border, transnational and new technologies. Ren Yuxin special emphasis on VR and AI and other new technologies, Tencent will not be absent. In the mature technology and product experience to meet the requirements, the Tencent will VR platform and solutions to the market, and launched the VR open platform; all AI technology and Tencent accumulated in the past has been widely used in the Tencent’s products, including social media, content platform, search advertising and other innovative products, but also in consideration of Tencent by opening up its accumulation in AI technology to entrepreneurs. How to do? To build the six open system of Tencent’s opening strategy for the next five years, Lin Songtao conducted a detailed interpretation: Teng)相关的主题文章: