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2016 Wuhan houguanhu half marathon run Sina Hubei broadcast live from around the world 6000 runners from the starting point of departure in October 30th, 8:30 in the morning, Caidian District Lotus Lake Square, with the sound of the starting pistol, 2016 Wuhan houguanhu half marathon officially began, from all over the world 6000 runners from the starting point of departure that is a half marathon (21.0975 km) and health run (5 km) of two teams, after the official lake on the track gallop. There are 5 registered professional athletes in the competition, and there are about 23 foreign players, including 18 from France, the other from Kenya, and the 2 from Ethiopia. This event sponsored by the China Athletics Association, Wuhan Sports Bureau, Wuhan Municipal People’s Government of Caidian District, Wuhan City China ecological demonstration zone, Wuhan city Caidian District Bureau of culture and sports, sports, sports, track peak in Sina Hubei, Changjiang Daily hosted. Run, Wuhan!" As the theme, is Wuhan’s first national Marathon Championships, the tournament was broadcast by Sina Hubei and Wuhan TV, this is the first time in Hubei in the network throughout the broadcast marathon. The competition number reached 6000 people for the first time reference mass rating of 100 players through cars as Wuhan’s first national Marathon Championships, the tournament all half finished as long as the players reach the public rating criteria, can apply for public to China athletic association level certificate badge. At the same time, the scene is still all half finished players out of 100 players, won 100 straight Hanma qualification, through open-ended full, half horse. At the same time, the year after the official Lake marathon has received great support from government agencies, the security system is perfect, the total investment of public security personnel 600 people, the number of ordinary volunteers of Jianghan University, a total of 700 medical volunteers, a total number of 400 people, all for the tournament escort. Event advocacy light running action, put into a number of garbage cleaning equipment and 157 mobile toilets, guide the race while running to protect the natural environment. Finally, competition for men half title by Kenya’s TARBEI ABRAHAM CHERUIYOT won, 1:04:15.233 net score; women’s half champion from Shandong Chinese player Lee Wen Jie, net performance 1:16:45.233, she also won the Wuhan marathon, Jingmen marathon and half marathon champion at nanjing. The women’s marathon ceremony, Ambassador consulate delegation to the fire fighters battle houguanhu half marathon team diversity, in addition to professional athletes, all runners let the rich and colorful events. The United States Embassy, consulate of Wuhan fire fighters to battle group, DJ radio, Betta female anchors also came to the scene. Metropolis traffic radio @ Wuhan evening news @ @ Wuhan subway operation is through the micro-blog platform to recruit their own fans, fans formed a group ran racing together. They are cool and the characteristics of the dress has also become a track on the light.相关的主题文章: