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218 minutes of fierce battle test of NO.1 coupler Murray finally broken finals curse Murray staged a comeback in 218 minutes in the final Murray Djokovic sweep nishikori finals break spell Tencent in November 20th sports today for the 2016 season ATP finals of the men’s singles semi-finals, the tournament top seed, Britain’s Murray in three by 5-7 and 7-6 (5) and 7-6 (9) beat 4 seeded Canadian champion Rao Niki, made on the opponent’s 8 game winning streak, occupation career for the first time into the finals of the men’s singles final. Murray in the final week of the regular season beyond the small German, become Britain’s first in the history of the throne of the world tennis player, now it seems that the summit is very significant for Murray’s confidence in the game to play, he becomes more stable, more with the style of master. After arriving at the finals, Murray has remained very stable and made a run of three consecutive wins in the group phase, continuous beat Cilic, Kei and Wawrinka three top hard to master, the identity of the first group head semi-finals. Today the semi-final with Rao Niki is the strongest challenge facing Murray since the start of the season, Rao Niki Ben also made great breakthrough, for the first time to taste the men’s singles final grand slam, and has strong ability to serve on hard courts. He has a very terrible destruction, which is called the Murray for the current real strength a best test. This game is striking one snag after another two people in the game, play out their own good standard, the game has always seemed very stalemate, Murray after the score of 5-7 to lose a set, and not as many times as before any signs of collapse, he on the following game has been slightly take the initiative, the two game is being dragged to grab 7, Murray played in the key points on the very good, especially in the decider, he had snatched in 7 games to resolve the opponent the opportunity in the final match point, in 3 hours and 38 minutes after the thrilling victory. Although Murray early in 2008 for the first time at the end of the finals of the tournament, but this event was not his "lucky", he never exceeded the threshold of the semi-finals. Although in recent years the ATP finals are held in Murray’s home court, London, but his performance has been unsatisfactory, last season he was in the group phase continuously lost to Stanislas and Nadal, in the group phase in early exit. Today, Murray finally broke his spell in the tournament, the first taste of the final taste. Murray won the first at the end of the hope to win the semi-final also greatly increased, small de VS nishikori match will be followed, if a small German semi-final, Murray will lock the first end of the year. If the small German qualify for the finals, then Murray will launch a peak showdown with each other, who can win the finals champion, who will occupy the first place in the year end. (Li Tianyou)相关的主题文章: