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24 year old female white-collar workers were robbed of brain death parents donated her organs in Shanghai 24 year old female white-collar workers were robbed of brain death tearful parents donated her organs in September 6th, only 24 year old white-collar Xiao Ding in Changning District Fuquan road company to work, take the subway back to Zhoupu residence when the gunman robbery, was abandoned in the sparsely populated channel, was found 30 hours after the incident. Because the brain has been a long time hypoxia, although the rescue efforts, it is regrettable that Xiaoding was identified as brain death, there is no possibility of awakening. After 4 days in the intensive care unit, Xiaoding father for her daughter made a decision: donate her daughter’s organs! He took the initiative to contact the doctor, and recording as a certificate, I hope the daughter of the organ to continue to help others. The day before yesterday morning, after a brief farewell ceremony, Yan Chai Hospital doctors with a deep respect for Ding of organ donation. The recording, Ding said: "my father as Ding’s father, originally we said that organ donation is a bit sensitive, a little opposition, now see my daughter a little hope rescue is not, I would like to donate her organs, and as a continuation. Now she is in this situation, as a parent, I do not have the heart to see her in bed so painful, I do not want her mother so painful." This is the year of Renji Hospital forty-first cases of organ donation. According to Yan Chai Hospital Organ Donation coordinator doctor Chen Xiaosong introduced this year, Shanghai has 98 cases of organ donation, most have been confirmed as brain death. The cause of brain death generally has three kinds: one kind is trauma, such as fall accident; a cerebral hemorrhage, the two accounted for about 60% of the remaining few is due to asphyxia brain death, Ding belongs to this kind of situation. "But this figure is far from enough for patients who are waiting for organ transplants. At present, Renji Hospital every ten cases of potential donors in a case of donation only achievement. The Yan Chai Hospital for kidney transplant patients about 1000 people, and constantly increasing, who agreed to donate the average waiting time for 3 years." Chen Xiaosong said: to achieve donations, there are a lot of constraints on objective conditions, in addition to ideas, as well as the condition, organ quality, etc.. In reality, if a person to register their own organ donation, but as long as there is a direct family members do not agree, you can not donate." As of June 28th, 200 cases of organ donation in Shanghai. Shanghai Red Cross revealed that Shanghai organ donation rate of five per million, is the national average contribution rate of one million people of the times of 2.5 times.相关的主题文章: