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Internet-and-Business-Online Whenever there’s a big launch in the Internet marketing industry, you’ll always find a plethora of bonuses on offer, and with the imminent release of Mike Koenigs new product, you’ll start seeing a large number of "Main Street Marketing Machines Bonus" offers popping up. Very often, these bonuses consist of products that other marketers already have available and are giving away to provide you, the buyer, with added value whilst maximizing their profits for promoting the launch. Occasionally though, you’ll find a bonus package where the person offering it has given some real thought into what the customer might really need and is sacrificing a portion of their .mission in order to provide it. It is my aim to show you in this article how to spot the good bonuses and weed out the useless, hyped-up ones. 1 – What Are You Buying? First of all know what exactly you are buying. Using the case of Main Street Marketing, you’re buying a product that helps you to make money by using the power of video and social media to promote local businesses. 2 – What Else Will You Need? Imagine you have already bought the product, you are looking at it and now you wonder, what else will I have to buy in order to actually use the new product I just spend a small fortune on? In our example, you’re probably going to have to go out and buy a video camera, a tripod, a microphone and some video editing software, unless you already own this. If you already have the extra equipment that you think you need, then you have the option of considering what you’d like to have but wouldn’t necessarily buy, or what information products could help you in other ways. 3 – Who’s Offering What I Need? Now that you know what you’re looking for in your ideal bonus package, it’s time to start hunting for it. Start by searching Google for your desired product in quotes, followed by the word bonus. In our case, we’d enter: "Main Street Marketing Machines" bonus This should return a list of all of the bonus packages that Google can find for your desired product. Now, you can either wade through all of the offers available or you can be more refined with your search and add in one of desired add-ons, such as: "Main Street Marketing Machines" bonus "Kodak Zi8" This will return all the bonus packages that are offering a Kodak Zi8 HD video camera (which could be useful for this system!). I think it’s be.ing quite obvious that just buying the new product from the first affiliate link you .e across or indeed directly from the product owners website, can leave you missing out on additional items, that are hopefully not just useful, but could also be worth hundreds of dollars. Take your time and follow the steps in this article and make sure that you get the best Main Street Marketing Machines bonus that you can find. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: