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500 acres of rice more than half of the villagers suspected early blight grain problem of original title: early blight over half cut Guangdong Qingyuan five hundred acres of rice grain, the villagers suspected problems Nanfang Daily News (reporter Chen Yonghuai) yesterday (22 days), the city of Hope Town Lang village villagers Mr. Wu to the newspaper, said the village planted 500 acres of rice more than half of earlier cuts and not withered to death, ear and other phenomena, and the local villagers to plant seed rice normal growth, doubt is kind of hybrid rice grain is provided. In this regard, Yingde City Agricultural Bureau responded that the main problem is caused by rice infected rice black streaked dwarf disease. Rice for less than a month to stop the growth of the solar term has just passed, it is rice harvest began, many rural fields are farmers busy. However, the city of Hope Town Lang village villagers are kind of worry for their rice. At the end of July this year, they found that one of the 500 acres of rice have appeared to stop the growth of the situation, the villagers after fertilization does not solve the problem, and the emergence of rice area of the problem also gradually spread, plants began to yellow. By September, more than half of the rice has died of early blight, less or even no spike spike. "In June when just kind of growth momentum is very good, but in July the problem comes, all kinds of spraying pesticides and fertilizers are not what effect." The villagers Wu family planted more than and 20 acres of rice, was optimistic about its characteristics of high yield, strong disease resistance, did not think of "self defeating". "To create a collection of nearly twenty thousand pounds of rice, which can make ten thousand pounds are lucky, estimated to be three hundred or four hundred pounds per acre yield, most of the villagers have to lose money." Although the hybrid rice species appeared in the village, but a local seed rice growth is normal, there are villagers suspected of hybrid rice grain problems. If it is the incidence of rice, it should be infected together, there is no reason to have a good quality of rice problems, but generally good quality." Mr. Wu said that the loss of small ability, he hoped the relevant departments to investigate the grain problem is the problem of the incidence is. If you do not figure out, the next year are afraid to breed this species, would rather have a little less output to ensure that no problem." In recent years, the southern rice black streaked dwarf disease spread Lang village serious reporters will be reflected in the city agriculture bureau, the Bureau relevant responsible person said, after investigation, no rice ear is not the grain problem, but the infection of southern rice black streaked dwarf disease, hybrid rice is particularly vulnerable to infection. This kind of disease mainly through with sogatellafurcifera virus infectious, typical symptoms were pulled out slowly, leaves leaves short and stiff, veins with irregular wax whitenodular after brown. The plant was severely dwarf (plant height was less than 13 of the normal strain, and it was not able to join the jointing stage. This disease as early as a decade ago, from time to time will be subject to the relevant disease information, but the size and little impact. But this year, the rapid spread of a disease, not only the city, almost in northern area of rice are affected." The responsible face相关的主题文章: