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Henan: heavy pollution weather warning red schools should be closed – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Zhengzhou November 2nd news (reporter Li Yanan) Henan provincial government office the day before the release of the new revision of the "Henan province heavy pollution weather emergency plan" provisions, the red warning of heavy pollution weather occurs, all kindergartens and primary and secondary schools will be closed. According to the plan, Henan Province, heavy pollution weather warning level from low to high into the blue, yellow, orange and red four, when the predicted possible heavy pollution weather conditions, should be according to the results of determining the upper air quality forecast early warning level; when the 6 and above the area adjacent to the provincial cities at the same time to orange or the red warning condition, start the provincial warning level. When the early warning conditions, it should be timely through the television, radio, newspapers, new media, national emergency warning information dissemination system, such as early warning information released to the community. When the warning information is released, the time, place, scope, warning level, the range and average value of the main pollutants of the future heavy pollution weather shall be explained. In principle, the red warning should be released to the public 24 hours ahead of schedule. According to the different warning level, Henan province will take appropriate emergency measures, blue warning start IV level emergency response, yellow warning start III level emergency response, orange signal warning started II level emergency response, the red warning started I level emergency response. Among them, start I level response measures, all kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, the government should be in accordance with the heavy pollution weather emergency limited production, production enterprises list, emissions of volatile organic compounds in the supervision of industrial enterprises suspend production; start II level response measures after the incident, the education department is responsible for the supervision of the kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and other educational institutions stop outdoor activities, the government is responsible for the supervision authorities and institutions of official car suspended 30%.相关的主题文章: