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5 well-known firms optimistic about the 6 board next Monday 32 shares (list) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you falls in big data: focus on security opportunities recommended 3 shares of A shares of the company are safety leading to speed up the layout of the new blue ocean, recommend Venus, green UNITA, North source. Venus "Tiangong" series of products with a complete industrial layout of the industry, is one of the two information security platform for research and development company. NSFocus gene technology well, their products and shares of ForceControl huacon layout of industrial safety. North source and industrial safety leading companies to set up a joint venture network, the layout of the terminal security + industrial market. Shen Wanhongyuan: the era of intelligent medical care recommended 3 stocks investment advice: solutions from the data and platform layer attention: such as IBMWatson, medical information leading strong medical benefits of 300078 A shares, the only company to provide mobile medical hardware equipment company nine medical 002432; remote interrogation cloud platform enterprise wandongyiliao 600055. China and Thailand Securities Building: benefit from the PPP project started recommended 9 stocks investment advice: because the PPP project is the Ministry of Finance in the two quarter before the library started, leading the company three quarterly performance is expected to accelerate the real estate regulation after the government will further promote the PPP accelerated landing to steady growth, with the subsequent PPP project tax incentives, asset securitization, PPP law is expected to introduce or promote the policy, with the fundamentals of sustained upward. Continue to focus on the recommendation of the board core leading company long yuan construction, Oriental Garden, Gezhouba Dam, Tiehan ecology, Masson technology, Su cross section and Anhui water conservancy, Yueyang forestry paper etc.. Shun Securities: coal production security for the coal bearing release recommended 9 shares to maintain prices 2 times P B N font and judgment, after adjusting the focus on two types of stocks: government regulation of coal prices reverse pressure maintaining coal N type judgment, regulation in place after the market will gradually form a long-term bullish expectations of future coal prices, coal stocks trend similar to since the beginning of the gold future small coal prices continue to rise, the stock rose. Coal stocks P B valuation can be seen more than 2 times, compared with the current more than 50% of the space. After the adjustment may be concerned about two types of stock: (1) the high elasticity of metallurgical coal stocks: Hebei, Lu’an, West coal and Yangquan; (2) the transformation of stocks: Mountain coal, Yongtai, and Anyuan. Recently focused on the recommendation of mountain coal. China Merchants Securities machinery and equipment: September excavator sales expected to recommend 5 shares from the excavator sales growth, since March, sales growth gradually accelerated, and the trend of heavy truck is highly consistent, confirming our previous real demand pick up point. But because of the difference of heavy trucks and construction machinery industry stock and corporate balance sheet, in the enterprise’s performance and stock price performance will be different. We continue to give the engineering machinery industry "hold" ratings, recommendations from the two lines: (1) earlier recommendations concern the capacity to reduce the leading enterprises and supporting parts enterprises, such as Sany, ZOOMLION, Liugong and Hengli cylinder; (2) suggest that attention to construction machinery market outlook on相关的主题文章: