Prior to August this year, Moutai group produced 69 thousand and 400 tons of liquor annual sales rev carmex润唇膏

Before August of this year, Moutai group liquor produced 69 thousand and 400 tons of aggregate annual sales income of 43 billion 600 million yuan – Beijing, Beijing, September 9 Guiyang Xinhua (reporter Zhang Wei) reporters learned 9 from the Kweichow Moutai press conference held in Guiyang, January to August this year, Moutai liquor group completed the production of 69 thousand and 400 tons, an increase of 25%. Among them, 36 thousand and 800 tons of Moutai, sales revenue of $30 billion 800 million (RMB, the same below), an increase of 15%, profit of $16 billion 400 million, an increase of 6.67%. At the same time, the Moutai group Kweichow Moutai series of wine and wine exports grew 12.9%, earning $110 million, the new development of overseas 10 distributors, including The Belt and Road along the country 8. Kweichow Moutai Group Chairman Yuan Renguo said the meeting, Moutai this year the growth of total "eight highlights:" economic indicators exceeded, profitability increased substantially, and the synergistic force of industry and finance, brand effect is significantly enhanced, Moutai shares even record. For this year’s performance, Yuan Renguo said, we can be sure, Moutai group this year will create a rare growth performance in recent years, to bring more positive impact on the recovery of the entire liquor industry." He said that Moutai group exceeded 39 billion 800 million yuan to complete the annual increase of sales value of $43 billion 600 million, total profit of $23 billion 100 million, no suspense. Yuan Renguo said, Guizhou Moutai plans in September to December to market about 3000 tons of Moutai wine, but predict the next few months, Moutai hot will continue to heat up, short supply situation in the short term is difficult to ease. (end)相关的主题文章: