Thai people to create the most cheap Macan crown Road 300 thousand – wheel drive version of Sohu aut mine_清翼

Thai people to create the most cheap Macan crown Road 300 thousand – wheel drive version of the car eleven pre-sale Sohu after the golden week, is not the tidy up mood, prepare for the Spring Festival? During the holiday, travel, car, delicacy, traffic jam scraper, however we are more concerned about, or in the field of automobile fuel "". 1, the Thai version of the Macan will be off the assembly line will be officially off the Thai SR9 in October 12th, the location of medium-sized SUV, body size of 47441929 1647mm, wheelbase 2850mm. Power assembly with 2.0T+6DCT. SR9 is very Macan, from inside to outside revealed the noble temperament. New car off the assembly line, the civilian luxury car dream and a step further. Tai Tai engage in such a, Porsche how to see? In the way of plagiarism farther and farther Thailand, has been unable to turn back. Even inextricably linked to the hanteng car, also go this way. Imitation is a lot of independent car prices in the old ways, but like Thai people, so the color is rare! 2, crown road 4WD version or the sale of 300 thousand entry is crown Guangzhou Honda’s first medium SUV, four-wheel drive version of the car or the pre-sale entry since 300 thousand, the new car will be officially listed in October 29th. Early launch of 2.0T+9AT models, the latter is expected to provide 1.5T engine, pull low threshold. The new car wheelbase is 2820mm, the competitors at the Highlander, sharp, keangkewei models. Only 5 models, can be used to "back" the most spacious things, but no 7 seat is always a mishap. Highlander 4WD models 258 thousand and 800, 300 thousand have no advantage of crown. Highlander, sharp boundary alone will come to an end, the arrival of the crown road to form a situation of tripartite confrontation? Looking forward to the official price! 3, Cadillac eye tracking technology, the 2017 Cadillac CT6, will be equipped with eye tracking technology. The Super Cruise system will alert the driver by an image or a sound alert when the driver is found to be out of focus, dozing off, and out of focus. If the driver did not respond, the car OnStar information system will be connected to the driver through the intercom. If the driver does not respond, the vehicle will automatically stop at the roadside and flameout! Full automatic driving is unrealistic, and now there is no one enterprise, to come up with a real driving technology. Semi automatic driving technology is still an important role in security assistance, eye tracking technology to a certain extent, can reduce fatigue driving, drunk driving accidents caused by. 4, Geely brand new Volvo or named Lynk& Co; Geely Volvo jointly create "L" brand has already spread in the folk, during a period of about eleven L brand new trailer out brand or officially named as Lynk& Co. In addition to the mainstream domestic and other mainstream joint venture car prices, but also into the European market. A new type of CMA modular platform to build models based on SUV. Lynk& Co brand positioning in Geely and相关的主题文章: