The Chengdu Museum opened 119 treasures to the Mid Autumn Festival Qianlong (Figure) – Beijing 魔界骑士イングリッド

The Chengdu Museum opened 119 treasures to the Mid Autumn Festival Qianlong (Figure) – Beijing "Tangshan Tangshan, partings." In September 15th, a full moon night, after running for more than 3 months, the Chengdu Museum officially opened to the public. Located in the Tianfu Square corner of Chengdu Museum, and the library of Sichuan Province, Sichuan province science and Technology Museum neighbors, rich cultural atmosphere. During the trial run, 700 thousand people come to visit, the number of visits up to 15 thousand people. In the afternoon, a lot of people to see the Qianlong exhibition style, at a blog at paiqichanglong. The museum exhibition will display the notice posted in Qianlong two months, advised the public to choose to avoid it. At the same time, the seventh China Museum and related products and Technology Expo will be held September 16th – 19 in Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition center. To bring the fashion show in recent days, the people of Chengdu by Emperor Qianlong exhibition scraper. Emperor Qian Long brought 119 pieces, the total value of 300 million yuan from the Beijing the Imperial Palace cultural relics, including imperial portraits, robes, books, stationery, imperial throne, weapons, armor, gold, jade, porcelain, lacquer, enamel, glass, watches, costumes, calligraphy, paintings, statues, musical instruments etc. category. Especially the emperor Qian Long wrote a poem for his mother, Zhen? Birthday party’s portrait, as well as with a farmhouse style of porcelain, the audience feeling: the original you are the emperor! According to Dan Jixiang Dean of the Imperial Palace Museum, the symbol of eternal and everlasting rule "Ca Mau YONGGU" cup, for the first time out of the palace to Chengdu. The nawufu made the office made of glass, a book "Ca Mau everlasting, hand carved" Qianlong "wall decorated with lotus flower, flower with pearl and red, sapphire inlaid, special glass Qian Longdi held a ceremony at the beginning the new year’s day, is the Qianlong later dynasties the emperor as national treasures legend. The beauty and majesty of the coexistence of the exhibition hall, the audience a taste of imperial atmosphere, through the back then flourish. On behalf of the court and the imperial power of the red and yellow two color, dark green on behalf of hunting and war, on behalf of fresh and elegant purple, interwoven into a brilliant spirit. The throne, palace fan, screens, incense…… The reduction of nude furnishings "throne", and the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty calligraphy exhibition sanxitang, hollow Qianlong collection, let the audience suddenly in court. And the Sichuan Museum in the first T station serves more than 60 issued the "Forbidden City" show series of men and women, hemp beans historical style and the Royal Arms embrace in a body, let the oriental charm become smart fashion. Zhenguanzhibao show thousands of years of prosperity as the western region’s largest city and largest museum isolationmeasures Museum, and Chengdu thousands of years of history and culture of the "container", Chengdu Museum of cultural relics collection is rich, including bronze, gold and silver, brick, stone, ceramics, shadow puppetry and etc. about more than 20 pieces of cultural relics, many precious cultural relics are discovered after the first public display, such as stone rhinoceros, old Guan Shan unearthed medical bamboo slips, meridian paint, brocade jacquard loom model etc.. At the same time.相关的主题文章: