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"Billy Lynn" sit chat: Li Anyi to fresh Chibian days – Entertainment Sohu   Ang Lee’s "Billy Lynn’s war" as the first midfielder with "3D+4K+120 frame" format of the film at the box office, although not as a "Afanda" climax, but no change in the critics and media of it’s warm. One side is the highly acclaimed media, a dull reaction of the audience, this movie is really the shadow critic said "Andy state Americans don’t understand" (for the film before received at the New York Film Festival after the release of the media poor), or no one dares to challenge the authority of Ang Lee in the Chinese film circle that comes with rose colored filters to enjoy his films. It is worth a good analysis, so the film to mark Mixiong United opened the five consecutive days of live chat will sit, invited 10 critics, from the media and industry practitioners from the technology, image, to the script, we talk about this movie from the perspective of people. Last night, by Professor Li Yang of Peking University College of Art (pen name: Tiger banner) and pen entertainment founder Li Wanbing began the first topic: "to put off, first to talk about the story itself". Here are two teachers of the dialogue record (in order to facilitate the reading part of the text, in small series that does not violate the intent of the teacher under the condition cut and merge): Ang Lee may open a new "propaganda" mode Liwan ice: the story itself, I was a little bit disappointed. Because I think this movie is not talking about the war, but his own life as a feather, said his family has more show. I also read the original novel, the film is basically faithful to the original novel, in the novel in the family, the father is unemployed after a stroke, paralysis, home also owe a lot of debt, almost impossible to 3389, affordable. His family has been reduced to the poverty line, this time Trump was elected, we can imagine a vote for him, should also include the Lynn family. His sister also said that Billy is the only decent family. (in the novel) Billy had imagined what it would be like for him to return from iraq. His best situation is to go to his brother-in-law’s boss’s company, do an oil pipe workers, take the lowest standard salary, tired every day, this is his best way out. This film is also difficult to use our general analysis of the type of film, because he is not a type of film, it is a literary film. You can’t say it’s conflict, climax, inversion, including contrast where it almost no, itself is a very warm story, Miss Li. What do you think? The banner of Tiger: I think it is possible that Ang Lee intends to do not want to clarify many problems; or if he has the ability to speak clearly, he is not willing to put a lot of things to say too understand, this is the usual practice of Ang Lee. But his last film, he did so I can accept this movie, but I cannot accept: he introduced a character to me, but the final figure, like a stranger left. He didn’t tell me相关的主题文章: