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90 men and women in prison married young woman woman frequently caused by divorce in Yangzhong domestic violence in a small husband and wife, married in prison, after have a daughter. However, it is regrettable that the man in prison after his release, and not to cherish the feelings of family and not easily won, but the frequency of domestic violence, causing his wife to court for divorce. Recently, the Yangzhong court accepted the case, after hearing, according to the law to allow both parties to divorce. Court introduced, sun Rou, born in 1992, Hu Gang, born in 1991, are young 90". In 2012, the two were introduced. Don’t want to Hu Gang in 2013 because of affray, was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for 3 months. At that time, this did not affect the marriage of both sides, by the end of 2013, the two sides in prison for registration of marriage procedures, and in December the same year, a woman. The trial judge, the accused man after his release, there has been no work, and because of a lack of understanding, both great differences in personality. To this end, the two sides have often trivial quarrel, and just blow up the sun Hu soft lead sun frightened soft cuff and kick, did not dare to go home, long-term living in the home. Faced with this situation, Hu not only do not repent, but went to work at Sun soft, soft sun beaten. In the investigation, the judge through the scene surveillance video to see, in a conflict, Hu Gang of sun soft punch, kick, pull hair, and even kicking sun soft head. After the identification of the Yangzhong Municipal Public Security Bureau identification of material evidence, found that the damage to the soft sun constitutes a minor injury. Hu Gang again led to domestic violence, sun soft in this marriage disappointed. Finally, the sun was soft, sued the Yangzhong court, requesting a judgment of divorce. The court held that the plaintiff and defendant early marriage, because the defendant served in separation caused by both sides in a long time, the objective of the formation of good and stable relationships adversely affected; if the defendant can actively face the marriage and not easily won cherish family life, sincere communication with the plaintiff, the relationship between husband and wife can be sustained. However, the defendant did not show a strong desire to maintain the relationship between the two sides, and the plaintiff repeatedly clashed with the plaintiff, resulting in physical and mental damage. The court held that the defendant’s acts of domestic violence is prohibited by law, but not to be tolerated by the good custom, led to the plaintiffs on their marriage disappointed and insisted on divorce. Ultimately, the court of the original, the defendant’s marriage based on love after marriage, divorce reason, the relationship between husband and wife and the child status such as a comprehensive analysis that the original relationship between the couple has been completely broken, no reconciliation is possible, it is permitted to the plaintiff and defendant divorce. As for the two people born in female, because it is not currently over 3 years of age, the age is still young, living with their mother is appropriate, and the plaintiff has a stable job and income sources, so ordered illegitimate daughter with sun soft life, its dependency.相关的主题文章: