Haze has always thought that you will be blasting pox In fact, there is a misunderstanding (video) fifa14下载

Haze has always thought that you will be blasting pox? In fact, this is the middle of misunderstanding bestie Kimiss micro signal: Kimiss2007 honey love white shoes, no one. Can be annoying, in Beijing, the same face frequent brush heel. Every time I come home the first thing is to clean up my white shoes, otherwise not long after, on the black and yellow irremediable. Everyone will understand that the culprit, in addition to fog and haze no one else! Hong Kong, living in Beijing for many years, has long been accustomed to the haze of honey and honey, are quick to forget the taste of fresh air. But in six months before the trip to Taiwan, the memory was recalled. The picture is honey readily photographed using a mobile phone, the original P. The air was so clean that you thought you were in Wonderland, and the sky was as blue as a jewel. However, after coming back, honey and began to fully armed!!! Clean up the pores of the technique with the method is not sensitive to the body you may say that the protection can be exposed in the haze of the skin also need to protect, always burst pox, allergies how to do? Under the haze panic, a variety of skin care products on the market that they can "anti haze", "anti pollution", make the advertisement law stand up stable people, don’t use similar anti pollution, anti haze and other words in the promotional products. Do anti haze is a lie? In fact, honey felt hurt haze no doubt on the human body, but the current situation of the existence of alarmist! For example, brick house is particularly fond of putting forward the theory that dust and particles can clog pores! The secretion of the wrong skin pores is leaking rather than internal absorption, so the skin has a certain amount of exclusion of these pollutants. Haze is the particles, which will not dissolve will not move, so basically do not drill into the skin inside. When honey friends sigh, not because Weakness lends wings to rumours. ah. Anyway, haze season, we have more acne! Yes, acne becomes more absolute and haze have a certain relationship! But also and our skin care methods can not get rid of the precise relationship. The first cause acne become more, because of the long time dust particles attached to the skin surface, easy to cause local inflammation, has red hair rash, let people think that dust clogged pores, acne explosion. BUT! Even very tiny PM2.5 particles can not penetrate the skin of the stratum corneum and pores of good health? Air pollution particles are generally attached to the surface of the skin. But only with a simple face to deal with, is not enough. What we call the "dust" contains many ingredients: microorganisms such as bacteria, air pollution, dust particles, organic compounds and so on, in addition the skin itself has a certain number of microorganisms and their metabolites, and metabolites such as skin itself off the dead cells and sebum etc.. These impurities mixed together, slowly oxidized…… that screen, the acid cool, your own brain repair! And these things, you can not be cleaned by water, and to prevent recurrence. So there is no comprehensive facial care, you will lead to acne problems. As for the rumor that dust and particles can clog the pores, we’ll break it. The most important thing is that we should recognize the real damage to the skin caused by haze. Dust, particles doubled, resulting in clean.相关的主题文章: