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World of Warcraft game player if they descended from the famous hero — game original title: World of Warcraft game player inventory heroes who descended from the famous "World of Warcraft" as everyone knows, in the history of the game player, witnessed the birth of countless heroes, also witnessed the end of countless heroes. When the old hero dies, there will always be new heroes to fill the gaps. In particular, those who are running their own heroes blood, and strive to leave their great deeds on the historical stage. Today, by the author for all of the heroes. [Garr] on the rush Hellscream versions of the Horde Warchief, small roar has been saddled with the fate of the tribe. In fact, his intention is good, just for the tribe to be more powerful, just choose the way too extreme. It is the contradiction between the heroic leader, the father grom Hellscream and sal? Under the excitation of step by step growth as a tribal chieftain. Recover the Dragonmaw clan, a steel tribe, makes her become a generation of heroes is renowned far and wide. Garr rush [] the young Bain Bloodhoof Tauren Chieftain, the father because Kaine was poisoned, still took over the leadership of the Tauren hell Centaur invasion clan task. He is a full of righteous leader, although he does not trust Gal Rush, Bain still decided to stay in power struggle has been submerged in the tribe for the stable development of the Tauren fight. Even for killing his father’s mastermind Magasa, he chose to forgive, just bring their tribe exiled to the Stonetalon mountains. Bain? [] when andiun Wrynn 7 piece of data that we fall and Varian Wrynn? Sad, also witnessed the glorious deeds of how a prince was crowned king to save the union. When andiun is not a Tarawa king, but a wise man is good at listening. He focused on the mind and diplomatic practice, around Azeroth to understand how to heal war-torn Earth and soul. Anduin mind kind and compassionate, different from his father’s soldiers turned recklessly, so he and Delaney the prophet Velen, even some tribal members forged indissoluble bound. An Duyin [Lenny] Alexandros Dalianmoge? ‘Lenny — the Ashbringer, is one of the leader of the scarlet crusade. As a mighty warrior, he brandished the sword of the Holy Spirit, the ember, to resist the scourge until he died in battle. And his little son darrian? ‘Lenny inherited his father’s blood church led by justice, resist the invasion of the scourge. In 7, he also became the fourth horsemen of the apocalypse, and the game player. Darion as hero’s descendants, they bear more responsibility, more need to carry forward their heroic spirit! (Yang Yu, Shen Guangqian Polo: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: