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The Ministry of Environmental Protection released five new emissions standards – social – original title: Ministry of Environmental Protection released five new emissions standards recently, the Ministry of environmental protection jointly with the State Quality Inspection Administration formulated the "limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants from ship engine (Chinese first and two stage)" "Motorcycle Emission limits and measurement methods (fourth China stage)" "light motorcycle emission limits and measurement methods (fourth China stage)" "light hybrid electric vehicle pollutant emission control requirements and measurement methods" and "caustic soda, PVC industrial pollutant discharge standard" five national pollutant emission standards, upgrading and transformation through the formulation and revision of emissions in key industries standard forced industrial. Taking the limits and measurement methods for exhaust emissions from marine engines (China’s first and two stage) as an example, after the implementation of the new standards, the pollutant emission levels of marine engines will be significantly reduced. According to an annual increase of 10 million kilowatts, the life of the ship for a period of 25 years, the implementation of the first phase of the standard 3 years, the ship manufacturing machine is put into use in the whole life period of nitrogen oxide emissions of about 1 million 400 thousand tons, about 400 thousand tons of particulate matter; the second stage of the implementation of standards for 3 years, with the vessel in the ship engine life will further reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides of about 1 million 150 thousand tons, about 60 thousand tons of particulate matter. If all inland river, coastal and fishing vessels can meet the requirements of the standard fuel, pollution reduction effect will be more significant. The Ministry of environmental protection science and technology standards Secretary Zou Shoumin said that the implementation of these five criteria can substantially reduce particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxide (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) pollution, promote technological progress and improve the environmental quality of the industry. (reporter Zhang Lei) (MA may commissioning editor (Intern), Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: