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Hong Tao served as the French ambassador on the environment power and environmental protection cooperation Hong Tao was awarded the French environment month Promotion Ambassador Hong Tao called on everyone to pay attention to the environmental problems with the French Tencent Kechien Hong Tao tells his entertainment news yesterday, actor Hong Tao was invited to attend the conference on Sino French environmental activities held in the French cultural center, Hong Tao was awarded the "sponsored by the Embassy of France method on the environment Ambassador title", and tells the story of this wonderful fate "I met the French Embassy in the friend’s honours activities in the staff, they warmly invited to participate in Sino French environmental activities, also do some data query, think this is a very meaningful and valuable culture the exchange, but also hope to more friends to participate in environmental issues to exchange views." In recent years, as an actor, Hong Tao rarely appeared on the screen but put more time and energy on the family and public welfare undertakings, into the disaster areas to visit, to join in the charity, as charity ambassador personally, let the public become a part of my life. The cooperation with the French embassy is based on the two sides to better maintain the natural environment as a starting point for a smooth hand. It is reported that Hong Tao last month that the Sino French environment of this series on the issue of environmental protection and cultural exchange activities and decided this year to actively participate, let more people aware of the "environment" of the common understanding and pay little attention to the subject. Classic review! Hong Tao Xu Zheng a "brilliant spring pig"相关的主题文章: