China has launched its 54 international commercial launch service-魔界骑士イングリッド

Chinese has 54 international commercial launch services – Beijing, China News Agency, Wuhan, September 12 (reporter Zhang Su) reporter from the 12 held in Wuhan on the second Chinese commercial space development forum was informed that Chinese has been more than 10 of the 54 international commercial launch services, which included 12 times with launch. In 1985, the Chinese government announced the launch of the international market. In April 7, 1990, the launch of the long march three rocket successfully launched the Asia one satellite, China’s space launch services into the international market. Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group Chief Engineer Sun Weigang said at the meeting, the group grasp the overall development of the long march rocket has completed 235 launch, success rate of more than 95%, laid the rocket high stability reputation. Now, the spectrum contains both conventional rocket China active rocket, also owns fast mobile launch of the various types of a new generation of rockets, can achieve single or multi star, equipped with firing. Sun Weigang specifically mentioned the "Long March six" and "Long March eleven" as the representative of the small, low-cost launch vehicles. The former first flew in September 2015 when the "stone 20 star", which is the first general solid rocket China, response time is less than 24 hours. China’s new generation of medium launch vehicles, the basic type of Long March seven will be for the medium-sized satellite launch service market, the end of the first flight will be the long march five will refresh the maximum capacity record. Guide Chinese high-end equipment innovation project implementation date before the release of the "(2016 – 2020)" clearly stated, "Long March eight commercial satellite launch mission" will be mainly oriented with international competitiveness. Not only is the contract of international commercial launch mission, China has gradually formed a commercial space to provide satellite and launch vehicle manufacturing, launch, ground system construction, operation and service of the whole industry chain development model. Sun Weigang said, "since October 14, 1999, the successful launch of the long march four second launch CBERS 1 since Chinese, commercial space business has expanded to the satellite in orbit and manufacturing services, extending to the field of satellite operation. 2015 launch of the Lao communications satellite one, the company set up a joint venture with Laos Laos Asia Pacific satellite co.. According to the aerospace science and Technology Group in the future planning, provide a steady stream of communication satellite service and strive to expand the field of commercial satellite remote sensing, such as "1644X" commercial remote sensing satellite service, is expected before 2017 will start the construction of two satellites, China first spatial resolution remote sensing satellite constellation to commercial 0.5 meters. Sun Weigang said that while the protection of the main task of the state will also provide the opportunity to launch with as much as possible to explore the University Design + enterprise production, a new model to protect the production and quality of micro satellite scheduling. (end)相关的主题文章: