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Why is the operation room nurses praise high color value? China News Agency, Nanchang, October – (reporter Yuan Huijing and Gao Haoliang) – I did not expect such a thing will become a ‘red’." In the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Wang Ting face reporters still not suited to some, she said: "I am just an ordinary nurse in operation room." Recently, Wang Ting’s high Yan value operation room notes quickly popular network and circle of friends. Pretty neat handwriting, and the same map, detailed anatomy textbooks and meticulous surgical records…… No one becomes a friend of praise". Netizen KMnO4 quipped: come and see who also said that the nurse will only inject drugs." Netizen "and 818" message: "the surgeon gloves gloves are marked number number? Really careful nurse! Serious and careful work." Netizen sow light sea evaluation: the most common book, remember the most noble cause." Wang Ting was born in 1993, graduated from Medical School of Nanchang University in 2015, the Department of nursing, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University in post has been working in the wards, in August this year in the operation room. "When I came to the operation room, the first lesson that the head nurse gave me was the notes on the stage." Wang Ting said, net red notes also called the stage notes, is part of her work, such a systematic record of her business is very helpful. Different from the clinical nurses, the nurses in operation room face the patients under anesthesia. The nurse’s responsibility is to cooperate with the doctors to complete the operation. During the operation, the nurse came to instrument preparation in advance, and timely to the surgeon. Sometimes passing the wrong device will mean that the patient bleeding time, and may even affect the success or failure of the operation. In Wang Ting’s notebooks, a record of each operation, every surgeon’s personal habits; for example, with line refers to the belt line, used by the surgeon’s glove code number, there is no habit of using special equipment and so on. "I was surprised to see the notes for me is just a more than and 10 minutes to complete the mass resection, Wang Ting wrote both sides of the paper are illustrated. I think every surgeon and hope that nurse stage." Luo Yonghui, director of breast surgery, said his hand is bigger than the average doctor, reading notes to understand why the gloves came to miss Wang Tingdi. Due to the relevant provisions of the operation room, Wang Ting often in the first postoperative surgery with memory will carry points recorded in the post, returned home after spending one or two hours with medical books and knowledge of anatomy, the finishing points to his notebook. Operation room nurse Deputy bright rectangular, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University nursing department over the years has formed a system of recording notes, nurse to nurse came to read long notes every 3 months, from the record found inappropriate and urge them to improve. "Wang Ting’s notes are not handed in, more like her work. Because it is our operation room nurse notes, I am very proud, so the first time to the notes forwarded to the WeChat public platform ‘nursing"相关的主题文章: