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"Don’t reward" solitary Fang Qi hang to beat the summer winter play roast experience "solitary Fang Qi hang not reward" poster of Sina entertainment news directed by the famous director not bow, mainland strength actor Qi hang partner Angelababy, [micro-blog] Zhong Hanliang, Gan Tingting, sun Yizhou [micro-blog] [micro-blog] high quality idol starring a large costume drama "reward" is not isolated, yesterday formally the whole group of fixing. As one of the "star general Yin" Qi hang, not only in the play take heavy play, also experienced a "winter show summer shoot" severe roast experience. It is understood that since the beginning of the May Qi hang into the group, which lasted the spring and autumn three season, the crew shot up in April, and has been in Beijing, Xiangshan, king to Xianju. Because as the "cool country" general "Yin", the action scenes in Qi hang scenes accounted for the vast majority, so hanging wire, horse riding, fight hand to hand with…… He has become a "Daily", and in more homely food exposure. In Xiangshan the most hot summer, the shooting once reached the high temperature of 45 DEG C, the actors and the fitness is a big challenge, in this regard, Qi hang always laugh and laugh at yourself "in the" cool country "not cool". In order to give the audience a more authentic and natural images, Qi hang hanging wire, melee fights and so most of the playing himself play in riding, and therefore suffer injuries. Initial shot, Qi hang had caused by hanging wire covered a large bruise; while filming a fight scene in the water, because the water is not clean, Qi hang in shooting after a severe allergy, body and neck have a red rash area, itching intolerable. But in order to catch up with the progress, he slightly fewer than FireWire, completed a group a group of martial arts in the absence of clear and smooth use of substitute situation, and strive to take effect is the best. At present, the Department has experienced 180 days of preparation, 130 days of filming the "hot" costume drama "reward" is not alone, was yesterday fixing, and entered into the post production wildly beating gongs and drums. We are concerned about the drama behind the scenes stories at the same time, also expect to see Qi hang to have a wonderful performance in this he made painstaking efforts of the "Yin" on a corner. (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: