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Li Xuejian Hu Ge also nominated for the Golden Eagle Award as the emperor pedestria – Hu Ge   entertainment Sohu; Sohu entertainment have experienced the struggle of the emperor as the just concluded Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award worried, the audience will be in the eleventh session of the twenty-eighth session of the Golden Eagle Festival China China TV Golden Eagle award once again facing a dilemma, because the audience is very the strength of love actors Li Xuejian and Hu Ge, again also nominated for the audience favorite actor award in October 16th, the awards show, who can successfully capture the eagle "There’s no telling results. The Golden Eagle Award, Magnolia awards and known as the China TV series three awards, the Golden Eagle Award as the emperor is like Guoli Zhang, Li Xuejian, Li Youbin and other artists, but this year the Golden Eagle Award as the emperor of competition is also very intense, is like Li Xuejian, Chen Baoguo, Wu Xiubo, the old drama of bone, there are people like Hu Ge, Wang Kai Wang Lei, the Mesozoic strength actor to actively carry China, visible TV drama and the vigorous development of the spirit of the performing arts. Once again with "Nirvana in Fire" Golden Eagle Award finalists Hu Ge, before this has long Su Mei superb acting won the 2016 Chinese Drama Festival quality annual quality performance awards, 2016 China Drama Festival the most marketable quality actor, the thirtieth China flying Award for outstanding drama actor, best national opera festival in 2015 actor, 2016 Magnolia Award best performing actor award, if in October 16th the Golden Eagle Festival Awards won the most popular actor award, it almost realizes the authority awards grand slam. But the older generation of artist Li Xuejian the Golden Eagle Award nominated again, but also by virtue of the two works "marshal" and "hey! Old man "was also nominated, also let Hu Ge won the race as the emperor of the road more difficult. In the two works in the minds of the audience starring Li Xuejian component also heavy, especially in the "marshal Zhang Zuolin in" sometimes cunning and sinister, and publicity and tolerance, sometimes kill decisions sometimes make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks personality, sleek and sophisticated kind of well ingrained, that wonderful to have top LaoLa and smart, are Li Xuejian was full of spirit and energy to be engraved on the screen. And in "hey! In the old man, Li Xuejian has a three minute long drink, which is also a classic enough to be written into the history of television. The first episode has been suffering from Shanghai syndrome Ermozishi Liu Ertie, but also because handshaken drink, go with a long lens, the personality of the character and explain clearly. Hey, old man! One of the most memorable scenes. If Hu Ge’s own experience to achieve "Nirvana in Fire" in Su Mei long, similarly, the achievement of Li Xuejian Zhang Zuolin, Zhang Zuolin Li Xuejian will also show up to the height of loading textbooks. Two people who compete in the Magnolia Award on as the emperor, the Golden Eagle Award in the evening again quitting, whether Hu Ge won the prize as the emperor, Li Xuejian is able to hold the specialist three Golden Eagle trophy, see.相关的主题文章: