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"Light": Sansha silent guardian of the South China Sea peace – Beijing Xinhua Sansha on 17 September, (reporter Fu Yongtao) "in the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, I wish you a happy mid autumn festival happiness, wish the Nansha construction is more and more beautiful." Xisha Nansha beacon Department staff Hao Zhitao, spent the first lighthouse in Spratly Islands on the mid autumn festival. The Mid Autumn Festival, a busy Sansha Yongxing Island wharf, large and small boats, after entering into the port supply ship. At the time of reunion of thousands of households, 10 personnel on duty in Xisha lighthouse beacon at Nansha, stay in the South China Sea, away from the inland, and the lighthouse with light "Nanhai Road of peace". In three Shashi Yongle islands antelope reef, every night, when the fishermen in the fishing home, see the lighthouse lights up, the more of a peace of mind, because the lighthouse bright place, is the direction of home. Antelope community neighborhood residents Huang Tianhe said, see the lights, you know this is our island. Over the past two years, all achieved a breakthrough from the construction of Sansha maritime security zero waters. In Spratly Islands, Huayang, Chigua, Zhubi, permanent summer 4 large multifunctional lighthouse has built use: at night, light from the lighthouse range of 22 nautical miles, was the army stationed in the island, the ship affectionately known as the "green light" guardian of the South China Sea; in Paracel Islands, new Yongxing and Shanxi temporary wharf beacon Emily Island, antelope reef, reef, North East 4 seat light pile. At present, management by the Xisha Navigation Department of Nansha lighthouse construction team responsible for navigation reached more than and 30. In the construction of Nansha Huayang, Chigua, Zhubi and permanent heat large multi-purpose lighthouse, Xisha Navigation Department of Nansha lighthouse construction team, set out the lamp machine installation and beacon duty assignment. Team members should not only bear the seasickness and vomiting brought to overcome the complex sea conditions, high temperature and high humidity environment, hard reef high salt, high radiation, good quality and quantity to complete the installation and maintenance of lamps. Xisha Nansha beacon Department lighthouse duty officer Li Jiayu said, when the light is installed in the lighthouse, the temperature is about forty or fifty degrees, basically is less than 5 minutes, the clothes, the upper and lower body all wet.相关的主题文章: