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The Tokyo building for sale of billions of yen (Figure) – Beijing China Taiwan network September 18th news according to Taiwan "in the electronic newspaper" reported that the KMT in 1993 to 12 billion yen to buy Japanese Tokyo port of Tokyo Trade Center (TTD building), three degrees in foreign sale at the end of last year, even through CITIC Group to Tokyo real estate industry a public tender information, but settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. At present, the Taiwan Trade Center is responsible for matters relating to the sale, the sale price of 4 billion 500 million yen. KMT vice chairman Hu Wenqi confirmed last night that TTD really want to sell the building, but the building of the current market value of at least about 10000000000 yen, not bid. According to Taiwan media reports, TTD building is located in Japan Tokyo port Mita yidingmu No. 2-18, a total area of 477.85 square, 1 floors underground and 9 floors on the ground. At present, the 1 floor by the family of super business use, from the 2 to the 3 floor of the use of the Taiwan Trade Center, the building is also Taiwanese, the second floor as a rental house, it is estimated that the annual rental income of about $250 million, the profit rate of about 6%. Building management for Jiang Bingkun’s niece, Jiang Yuzhen. The Taiwan authorities "improper treatment Party committee spokesman Shi Jinfang said," if the TTD building identified as "improper property", will be able to return to the authorities, and the Kuomintang in the unrecognized pre dispose of property penalty punishment value of one to three times.相关的主题文章: