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Zhao Wei again rich, Hilary dare to? Original title: Zhao Wei again rich, Hilary dare to? | glacier observation Author: Chen Jibing source: public number "glacier thought library" of the two day, micro-blog and WeChat to turn out a message saying: the Hilary campaign began to disband and received closeout, campaign finance funding announced, Chinese is the second largest after Saudi Arabia off political funding sources, including more than $10 million the political contributions are: one fund, Alibaba, Minsheng Bank, Renaissance group, China’s Council, Hon Hai group, from the large amount of personal political donors Chinese mainland actress Zhao Wei. For many Chinese, this post may be even more shocking than Donald ·, who was elected president of the United States of America itself. Zhao Wei studio statement although Ma and Zhao Wei were rumors more than once, and was once said to be trying to "work together to control the world", the Zhao Wei team was quickly denied by micro-blog, and is said to be on the malicious slander legal liability. But according to my understanding of the fundamental properties of the new media, I think that everything that has happened is no longer important. As a media observer, in the face of this field is filled with rumors and slander the U.S. presidential election, I have been waiting for it and China related "blockbuster conspiracy theory". I do not expect it to appear, but I know that in such a new era of media, it is inevitable. In fact, as in the previous article ("do not believe rumors do not pass rumors, Trump did? "It has been said that it is this era that created" President Trump". But this does not mean that we should give up the fight to defend the truth. The United States banned political donations and I accept foreigners Ma and Zhao Wei before, nor their fans, but I still want to say, as long as the United States election and political donation laws were a little understanding, you can immediately determine the post, no half reliability. First, the United States law prohibits political parties and candidates from accepting political contributions from foreigners and foreign organizations. Secondly, the United States of America’s political donation law on individual donations has long been a basic contribution limit". According to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in April 2014, individuals should not be more than $2600 in a single campaign for each candidate (a total of up to $two in the primaries and the general election for a total of $5200). In addition, the United States has a Federal Election Commission (FEC) to manage these huge political capital and prevent corruption scandals, the campaign team to raise funds and strict supervision. If the Hilary campaign really received so many overseas political contributions, I’m afraid I would like Hilary Trump fans shouting out "was sent to prison.". As for what the largest individual political donations, in the $5000 limit under the law, it is a joke. Ma Yun and Zhao Wei, however, although this rumor vicious and clumsy, but it may not be a little from the Wei相关的主题文章: