The strongest typhoon close to the city of Xiamen stop work stoppage typhoon-纪元1701

The strongest typhoon approaching the city of Xiamen City, typhoon – production downtime Hugh Beijing Beijing in September 14 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Chen Yue) "the strongest typhoon" Meranti "before the arrival of wind power has now, on the afternoon of 14 streets of Xiamen, the wind has been very strong, on the road everywhere was blown off the branches and even a one size of banana leaves, even there are many trees were blown off. Xiamen Municipal People’s Government Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters issued a mobilization order at 14:45 pm. According to the mobilization of the city of Xiamen at 15:30 "three stop rest", namely (industry), shutdown shutdown, closed, closed. The reporter saw in Xiamen Xiamen Kinmen route five dock, because here, coincides with the astronomical tide, wind, water, waves, from time to time two or three people high waves hit the shore. News from the maritime sector, including cross-strait exchanges, to an important channel of Xiamen jinmenroute, twelve noon, Xiamen sea transport ship all suspended all. Xiamen jinmenroute Taiwanese passenger ship "Jin Xianglong" and "new dragon" "Venus" and "Marco Polo 1" "Oriental Star" "Stephen King" has entered the Xiamen Gaoqi dock shelter shelter. The maritime department has deployed ships, professional rescue ships and helicopters for life against taiwan. The reporter also learned that the on-site police also set up a marine and Ground emergency detachment, strengthen sea rescue and relief training started from receiving the alarm information, the combat simulation exercises on the emergency command, rescue and disposal of navigational equipment, medical security etc.. Police officers also take the initiative to guide the ship into port shelter, help fishermen repair machine, finishing machine, recycling nets, check the anchor cable machine proofing equipment, cable reinforcement, moving parts, elimination of potential accident. As a result on the Mid Autumn Festival, astronomical tide and the strongest typhoon superposition, bring enormous pressure to drainage. The reporter learned from the Xiamen water sector, in order to prevent the surge of water around the island of Xiamen along the road to the pumping station have a good job for gate. With the wind and rain with the tide, in a threatening manner Morandi also let this should be a busy section of Xiamen Qianhai air traffic and holiday tourism impact. Xiamen airport staff told reporters that 14 noon, at about 11, Xiamen airport flight departure day is expected to have more than 530 classes, the cancellation of flights has reached more than 130, more than the flight has been performed. Xiamen Airlines staff also introduced to 14 noon, 14, 15, Xiamen Airlines canceled flights has reached more than 170, mainly in Xiamen and Quanzhou and arrived in the outgoing flights. Daily economic news reporter noted that Xiamen to Hongkong, Taiwan, many flights were canceled. In addition, the Nanchang Railway Bureau, only 15 a day, it will stop the sale of Hefei Fuzhou, Xiamen dragon, via Gan Ruilong, Xiangpu railway along the 153 train tickets. Xiamen is China’s famous tourist area, in previous years, every holiday, will usher in a wave of tourists. However, affected by the typhoon, Xiamen scenic spots have been closed all day, when reporters came to Xiamen along the road around the island, see the sea is stormy, rare tourists figure. In addition, according to the Xiamen municipal government mobilization order, Xiamen’s most characteristic folk custom "cake" Mid Autumn Festival Party has also been asked to cancel all. )相关的主题文章: