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[interview] Ang Lee "Billy? Lynn’s midfield drama war" the pursuit of high technical specifications in order to "immersion" – Sohu [Technews] technology science news Ang Lee’s new film "Billy · Lynn’s midfield war" because of the use of 120 frames per second, 4K resolution and 3D shooting, even with the use of the HDR high dynamic range imaging technology (High Dynamic Range Imaging), to promote a number of technical specifications in one fell swoop, let the cinema if not through the modification of the new device is unable to play the "specifications", also let the world only 5 theaters to show other specifications, can "drop" playing theater. Because Ang Lee always difficult for people with a new generation of computer technology together, but in the movie "Billy · adopting new technical specifications of the Lynn midfield war" under the small crowd seems to subvert the idea, through the film and promotional opportunities, we have the chance to talk with the director Ang Lee the film of technical specifications and new technology in the future, and may even use VR AR. The number of defects from the pursuit of Gog up filming on us wonder, let Ang Lee decide where the reason of using this new technology? Ang Lee said, the new specification is the source of so to talk from the shoot "life of Pi", found a problem in shooting juvenile Pi using 3D 24 lattice mode when shooting, that is as long as the lens or mirror moves too fast, can clearly feel that delay, if the deep depth of field shooting is more obvious, can only try to avoid, the shallow depth of field images, plus dynamic had to shoot a boxing to the theme of the film, in the early stage of the test let him recognize the current film technology is difficult to appear like the picture. Ang Lee himself has done a lot of experiments, plus the previous director Peter · Jackson "the Hobbit adventure" on the 48 lattice attempt, and "Afanda" director James · Cameron for testing 64 lattice shot, Ang Lee found that the current number of squares is indeed a problem, coupled with the 3D display, the number of requirements, he said, their test results show that as long as more than 60 frames per second will be more stable, more than 100 frames per second is about to meet the general needs for playing, unless you want to display speed racer or flight simulator will be used more frame rate, but to achieve the human limit, according to NASA the study, may be more than 900 per second is enough, from these data the answer on this issue, Ang Lee apparently had a deep study of Kung fu. The reason for using 120 frames per second instead of 100 lattice main reason is that the 120 is a multiple of 24 so it is easy to handle, Ang Lee also revealed an interesting thing, in fact is the use of 60 frames per second specifications to shoot this movie, care-laden, Ang Lee film company later please rest assured, because the newspaper相关的主题文章: