GAC trumpchi turn six and the gs8 fifteen listed city linkage-捷安特xtc750

GAC trumpchi "bent six" and GS8 fifteen City linkage listed in October 29th, GAC trumpchi large brand — "for Kei road test drive test edge no corners trumpchi sixth world headquarters in Guangzhou staged a wonderful season". Just in Hangzhou, the main venue of the G20 listed trumpchi GS8 in Guangzhou "home court" stunning listing. At the same time, trumpchi GS4, GA3S star model 200T staged cool car dance performances, thousands of group purchase will offer a surprise gift, Jinqiu Guangzhou city car consumption boom detonated. According to statistics, the scene to buy orders over 500 units. Trumpchi GS8 listed fifteen City linkage, domineering conquest following the October 26th G20 summit in Hangzhou Guangzhou shine the main venue, to show the world, to create a new starting point for manufacturing Chinese leap and new high China October 29th, GAC trumpchi "flagship Deluxe 7 seat SUV GS8, held a grand area on the six bending event released. At the same time, in Shenzhen, Changsha, Guangzhou, Kunming, Beijing, Tianjin and other 15 cities will also be linked to the, China’s large SUV jumped high-end, embarked on the conquest of the road. As trumpchi brand high-end line after GA8 and a C GS8 set of high-end masterpiece, "super tough domineering appearance, the pattern of seven seat space, new vision of intelligent interconnection, all terrain fearless driving" four core values in a body, to create high-end brand new breakthrough China height, the user presents a beyond the product value. Some media said: trumpchi GS8 will be one of the most powerful of the joint venture brand impact, China brand is expected to exceed 200 thousand price ceiling.   driver playing ultimate drift   beauty; trumpchi star family "group" challenge of competing products to feel the charm of trumpchi star family, to turn six event, this is true. Trumpchi GS4GA6GA8GA3S 200T’s star models in full battle, consumers can experience zero distance of all models, consumers can also take the opportunity to experience some of the joint venture and field trumpchi rival PK in the front, the mute, 100 meters acceleration, continuous curves, slippery roads and other projects, compete.   event, beauty driver driving trumpchi GA3S 200T staged drift storage challenge, to gradually become small garage spacing rapid drift, drift in the shortest distance challenge Guinness world record. The scene bursts of applause, amazing is the beauty of cycling, trumpchi car is of high performance and high quality praise. September sales of 37 thousand high, more than ten sets of orders to buy Yangcheng group of 500! Data show that in September, GAC trumpchi total sales reached 37 thousand units, creating a single month sales history new height! The quality of the new car in China released the 2016 J.D.Power Asia Pacific (IQS) report, the GAC trumpchi for four consecutive years to obtain the highest quality Chinese brand new car. At the same time, trumpchi star models GS4, SUV car in the compact quality rankings, with 93 points high Chinese brand quality first pull force!   thanks to the love of consumers, the Guangzhou Railway Station also comes as gold 6 bend.相关的主题文章: