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Investment express] IT orange October 31st included 24 investment acquisitions – Sohu technology content of this article comes from IT orange daily risk investment courier public account. More visible IT orange master investment data content of the plate, the global Internet industry investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions. Domestic event – 1, the United States a number of stores for tens of millions of A round of financing is a U.S. shop based on WeChat development, tailored for the U.S. industry terminal O2O service platform. Divided into retail and service version, for the next line of daily stores and beauty, hairdressing shop based on existing mobile Internet business solutions. Recently, a number of beauty shop to get tens of millions of A round of financing provided by Yihua investment. The 2 Fan won millions of yuan Pre-A round of financing for fan is a focus on young people home renovation company, is committed to the renovation services to improve young people living experience, solve the current common residential indoor decoration style, the old problem is not coordinated, local collocation function damage. Recently, live fan won millions of yuan Pre-A round of financing, venture capital, Golden Dragon Bay by the angel lead investor, innovation works with investment. 3 fireworks culture was 40 million B round of financing: culture is a development of its own original animation business as the core of the company income, dedicated to providing the animation brand as the basis of wrath and anger over the development of series of comics, animation, games and other mobile phone terminal of the derivatives business, the establishment of an independent brand animation website, develop in line with high business the future growth of the mobile Internet, the traditional animation products transplanted to the field of mobile internet. Recently, fireworks culture was 40 million B round of financing, by xiuqiang investment led, Guangdong Hongtu broadcasting, Shenzhen sea capital, Shanghai capital reflected three party with the vote. 4 auto Ding Fu Yun won the Taiya Pre-A round of investment of tens of millions of auto SaaS cloud platform cloud is an integrated auto parts industry tools, data and resources, the purpose is to provide management services for the auto parts business. Recently, auto cloud won Taiya Ding Fu millions of Pre-A round of investment. 5 for millions of dollars for alpaca Alpaca’s first round of angel chase capital is a creative social marketing company, Lenovo, as partners, China Telecom, Septwolves, Panpan food Oriental TV talk tonight after 80 and other well-known brands of new media to provide accurate and effective marketing services. Recently, Mr. Alpaca won several million dollars in Angel round chase capital investment for the light, panoramic fish. 6 medical V live for $30 million A+ round of financing medical V live is an internet medical teaching platform, dedicated to providing medical network teaching courses, to develop more professional medical. Recently, the medical V live was 30 million yuan A+ round of financing, by far Yi capital, as well as the potential capital and Kai Fu capital joint venture. 7 financial house is a one-stop service platform for the loan of 35 million yuan Pre-A round of financing home loans search comparison service for the borrower, the borrower to help the lowest cost to complete the loan; at the same time, to find the matching case for banks and financial institutions相关的主题文章: