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Is it a good idea to sell your clothes on the line? Early set designer says photograph:, Taobao, Tmall at the micro shop, the official website and other platforms to rise, online sales are the feasibility of it seems no longer tangled key designer. They will be more willing to the rich energy and capital investment to the specific operation, one day, Zhang Na, Jin Qiluo, Guo, Wang Fengchen and Chen Anqi are considering, or have embarked on the road electricity supplier. Obviously, it’s no longer a secret. Two years ago from the London College of fashion (London College of Fashion) after the return of the fashion designer Guo that day after the Spring Festival this year launched namesake brand website, after a lapse of six months after the small, she rushed to launch the micro shop, the reason is: "some city shops have not opened, but when the guests and would not have run to another city to buy." Breaking the geographical boundaries of the electricity supplier model is particularly important for emerging designers. Crawford, etc. have entered the pillars of buyers shop designer Chen Xuzhi now busy preparing their own after graduating from his third season — XU ZHI 2017 spring and summer series. The bright characteristic of fabric for him last year attracted a lot of buyers, some of the electricity supplier platform under the orders. However, designers are more concerned about the European and North American market opportunities. There, fashion pioneers have successfully confirmed the feasibility of online direct marketing. 2003 onwards, Net-a-Porter, Yoox, MatchesFashion, Farfetch and other electronic business platform has gradually developed a number of people willing to carry out large-scale online clothing consumption. From Jeff Halmos and Lisa Mayock couple online brand Monogram, to Thakoon, young designers for online direct confidence, because the successful case be too numerous to enumerate in front of them. Monogram in recent years, Chinese designer suddenly into the fast lane, the most significant change is that more and more buyers shop. Including I.T, Joyce, Crawford, Hong Kong buyers shop first home buyers shop the way they soon followed, from Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities to the two or three line of the city spread. Fortunately, the designer brand by buyers shop sales professional and existing customers gradually gain a firm foothold. The number of buyers shop broke out late, commercial real estate services Yide has also released two consecutive years "Research Report" China buyers shop. But soon, as the line retail sales growth slowed, optimism eventually calm down. Although many luxury industry report designer brand as a consumer "diversity" is a major entry in this paper but because of evidence, in the size of the market is still not high, many consulting firms and not related to particular study. But at the same time, the new emerging young designers are more and more, everyone is eager to get more exposure and sales channels. Under the situation, broaden the online sales of natural significance has been strengthened. "Designers found that by buyers shop can not live," footwear brand KKtP designer Kincheloe said, "so we begin to bypass the retail, take the initiative to build a channel. If you have no money to set up shop!相关的主题文章: