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[recommended] maternal and infant children of 4-6 must see the 31 world classic picture book – Sohu 4-6 year old child is basically at school age, the ability of reading comprehension is a period of rapid development. In addition to the contents of the school professor, after-school reading choices are also critical. This can give the child to choose some relatively rich imagination, the plot is more tortuous picture. The domestic well-known senior editor of picture book reading platform – Baby zone parent-child network, but also for the children of this age carefully organize a suitable picture books, parents and friends as a reference. Recommended list: 1 "life." [Law] Jean Claude floch (· Jean-Claude Floch) translated by Zhou Kexi; Beijing Joint Publishing Company picture book features: full of poetic statement, passing out graceful and calm attitude to life, let the baby learn to comprehend the secret of life. Brief introduction: a tender father and he is full of curiosity and a well behaved daughter, rabbit, to their ideal life in a travel. Here, they live in a slow pace, elegant and leisurely: planting, painting, playing, reading, walking in the rain; to know the world, love, feelings, fantasy…… 2 "snow boy" (UK) David · Merlin, the Yangtze River children’s Publishing House picture book features: British classic fairy tales, suitable for cultivating children’s wisdom and courage. One winter morning, the animals in the enchanted forest found a little boy on the edge of the forest. The good animals adopted the little boy, they found that the little boy no matter what, just a moment, that thing will become ice. So the animals call him snow boy. One day, forest gate opened, the long-awaited goblins finally found the opportunity…… 3 "Francis forest adventure" [Law] Frederic · Mansuote; Beijing Joint Publishing Company picture features: Environmental Education books, wake up children longing for nature, to cultivate children’s awareness of environmental protection. Content Description: like painting the tree Francis, every morning with paper and pen to draw a day in the forest. In the fresh, moist air, he sat by the tree root, feeling the breath of the plants. In the dense woods, he leisurely stroll, listening to the forest for his story. For Mr Francis, every time walking in the woods is a wonderful adventure. But one day, the forest is about to die…… 4 "my grandfather and Mr. Zheng Zaimang" [Pt] Catalina · Sobral; relay press picture features: through the children’s perspective, see time width and thickness, feel deep family feeling. Content: my grandpa is a little different from Mr. Zheng Zaimang. He doesn’t remember to read the news, but he doesn’t forget to drink tea, have a picnic or go on a trip…… Will not forget to take me home from school. Take every day相关的主题文章: