Ambulance on the way to run out of fuel children died hospital was sentenced to compensate 160 thous-音羽かなで

The ambulance on the way to run out of fuel with the death of the hospital was sentenced to 162 thousand and 15 years for February 26th at 15:20 PM, Jiangsu province Xuyi County town of Huaihe, only 5 years old boy Fu Moumou playing at home, accidentally fell into the water, in the process of referral to the provincial capital of Nanjing Children’s Hospital, Xuyi County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in the ambulance is halfway out of oil, after the rescue the boy died after Fu Moumou to Nanjing. The plaintiff will be a certain amount of two hospitals to court claims amount of $841516, according to the proportion of about 70% of the amount of compensation for the calculation of $548667. Recently, the Xuyi County Court of first instance verdict on the case, combined with the case and refer to the expert opinion, determine the hospital where the ambulance Xuyi County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to assume 20% of the total compensation of $163053.20 liability for $. The family sued the ambulance delayed referral "Legal Daily" reporters learned that the day of the incident, Fu Moumou boy at home child riding a bicycle to play together with the car door accidentally fell into the ditch, the family found immediately after the carrying out of the ditch, head down and slap the back of water control. The family also call the Xuyi 120, see the child spit water, ambulance and hasn’t arrived, neighbors drove the child toward the direction of Xuyi County after the catch, 120 ambulance on the way to Xuyi to meet, breathing and heartbeat recovery of the child was sent to Xuyi County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for rescue. Due to the limitations of medical conditions in traditional Chinese medicine hospital, in order to prevent infection, the hospital doctors recommend children rushed to Nanjing city children’s Hospital for treatment. After receiving a fee of $3000 ambulance, ambulance on the same day at 4:32 PM, accompanied by the plaintiff and his relatives, etc.. "The ambulance driving, riddled with problems, the alarm device is damaged and can not use the car, ECG, ventilator and medical facilities are not the normal use of the fault." Family members said that when the ambulance by Nanjing Expressway Liuhe South toll station, not in accordance with the nearest route from Nanjing Bridge Road, but a detour to Nanjing bridge direction, on the way because the vehicle ran out of fuel parked on the ramp toll station near the camp at. After parking, ambulance drivers looking for oil, relatives of the plaintiff had to rush to Nanjing 120 requests for assistance, and to intercept the vehicle to ask for help. After the emergency center in Nanjing sent an ambulance to find the bank will be sent to the toll station, Fu Moumou Nanjing children’s hospital emergency resuscitation room. However, since the beginning of the hospital, although the hospital has been uninterrupted rescue treatment, but the child died or rescue invalid. The ambulance delayed 16 minutes during the trial in the tort liability for referral way, Xuyi County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in court, every hospital ambulance are kept out of the car, so the refueling is excusable, ambulance without oil case encountered for the first time, the hospital will not shirk responsibility. After investigation, the day of the ambulance alarm is really bad, but the hospital side believes that the child’s death and ambulance without oil, the alarm is not a direct cause of the failure. The hospital said, when the oil tank oil quantity display can meet on the way, the driver in time saving psychology, to the gas station on the way, but when the ambulance to Liuhe along the high-speed service area for refueling, the service area can be added without oil (the ambulance diesel), the driver died in the station charge相关的主题文章: