The performance of 4 kinds of training children’s attention to parents to get rid of-wegener肉芽肿

The performance of 4 kinds of training children’s attention from parents to 1. Parents are acute urgent actions will have adverse effects on children, in the long term exposed, children will learn to tell the parents anxiety. Although the parents just want to be more efficient in their work and family, but so eager to set a bad example for the children of psychology. As a result, once the child encountered difficult to solve the problem, the first thought is not to bear the temperament to solve, but the first to send a temper. 2. Taking things too far, of course, the vision is not a bad thing in the long run, but the long term does not mean that you can skip now. If a child is taught by such values for a long time, it will be difficult to enjoy and satisfy all of the present, and naturally it will not be able to develop enough attention. 3. Excessive indulgence of the child’s excessive freedom and laissez faire, the child’s attention is also harmful. Because the parents are busy, so after the child home, a lot of people’s way is to turn on the TV to see the child, or let the child to engage in their favorite activities. Over time, the child will develop a habit of going home to turn on the tv. Because there is no parents in the next guide and supervision, focus on the cultivation of it is difficult to have good results. 4. Often disturb the child may be for fun attitude, when children are making their own games or other activities, some parents always love suddenly with the child about trouble, or ask them to do something else, this is a very unreasonable behavior. If parents want to cultivate the child’s attention, so when the child is very focused on the game or reading, parents had better not immediately interrupt the child’s behavior, but should be used in the form of notice. For example, parents and children have been about to read a few points can be seen in the time period before the arrival of 5~10 minutes, you can remind the child of the time is coming. In addition to verbal reminders, parents can also use some auxiliary tools, such as bells, alarm clock, etc..     would you like to know the latest educational information, ask for education confusion, share educational experience and experience? It pays attention to Sina micro-blog Sina @ Zhejiang education, reflect your demands and found; the number of public concern or: education information YiDianTong (zj_edu); or the parents will join Sina Zhejiang, interactive official QQ group: 62210056. For more information about studying abroad, please join Sina Zhejiang to help group QQ group: 280980058. For more information please sweep the two-dimensional code Zhejiang education information YiDianTong  相关的主题文章: