Guangxi Luzhai car collided with a truck 5 deaths caused by the tragic scene (Figure)-工号9527为您服务�����

Guangxi Luzhai car collided with a truck 5 deaths caused by the tragic scene (Figure) Liuzhou Beijing, November 9, (He Xueming) National Highway 323 Guangxi Luzhai County village of Liuzhou city town November 8th occurred two car collision accident caused 5 deaths. The picture shows the car accident serious damage to the front. Photo by He Xueming according to the fire department 9, 19:18 on November 8th, Luzhai fire squadron received a dispatch command center, 323 State Road, Luzhai County Zhai Sha Zhen nine Fu Cun Jiubao Tuen road accident occurred, there were casualties. Luzhai squadron immediately dispatched a Rescue Squadron 12 firefighters rushed to the scene disposal. Pictured accident truck rollover on the ground. He Xueming photo due to the road is far away, the same day 19:53 firefighters arrived at the scene. After investigation found that the site for a car with a medium-sized truck collision, the car was seriously damaged the front, truck rollover, loading the citrus scattered on the ground. Car carrying a total of 5 people, of which 4 were trapped in the car, confirmed by the medical staff on the scene have no signs of life, the 1 were rescued by the masses rushed to hospital for treatment. Fire officers and soldiers on the scene immediately alert and organize rescue. After intense rescue, 4 trapped personnel were rescued by the fire brigade, and handed over to the scene of medical staff. Pictured firefighters rescue. He Xueming, according to the fire officers and soldiers, the accident caused 5 deaths, which were rescued by the masses of the wounded died on the way to hospital. At present, the cause of the accident is under investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: