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The driver drunk "bumper car" rushed to the high-speed rush four fetal full drink drink burst catch alarm, both sides now don’t drink and drive, do not drink driving! How many times, one is not a long memory, not to try, the result, planted! [face] "drunk" insisted that only had a small cup of alcohol content was up to 89.513 days later, the Kunming Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment mobilized police in Kunming city at the regional based cards, to carry out illegal behavior remediation at night road traffic safety special action. On the same day at 20:20 PM, Kunming City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment seven brigade set up checkpoints in Dianchi road and Guangfu Road intersection, checks on passing vehicles. About 21:20, a KIA SUV running card was seized, police found the driver the taste of wine. After testing, the name of that "the only drink a cup of" Zhang old driver unexpectedly blowing out the alcohol content of 89.5mg 100ml, has been arrested for drunk driving. [wonderful] "drunk" after the crash said the other drunk driving results he drank wine 13 to 23:35, Kunming City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment seven brigade received a PUC 110 Command Center: in the Second Ring Road overpass on the lower official south entrance of the bridge, car damage occurred in a traffic accident, the driver claimed that the other side is the alarm driving after drinking. After receiving the report, the seven battalion "fast service group" the police immediately rushed to the scene disposal. The scene for a van (alarm side) and a car crash occurred, no casualties. The disposal of the police found both drivers (including driver alarm) has a strong smell of alcohol, there is suspicion of drunk driving. According to the police evidence collection and disposal norms, to identify the driver to work in the field, and immediately went to the hospital with two drivers were fixed. At present, the case is under investigation. [] thriller "drunk" drunk driving "bumper car" Kun Chu highway run 10, 1 am 05 PM, police on duty to patrol the Kun Chu high-speed Kunming to Chuxiong direction K106+600M (large ground service area) at the time, found 3 cars parked in the fast lane, police immediately view the scene. But when set up the scene of the accident vehicle protective measures, the police see the scene of the accident, found the remaining two car accident, a car accident ran. After preliminary investigation, police brigade command center to the side of the report, and contact the rescue units on-site rescue, while driving vehicle tracking. At 1:29 PM, police patrol to Kun Chu high-speed Kunming to Chuxiong direction K115 road found a black Buick car, the car has been severely damaged, four wheels were damaged, just like a "bumper" appearance, but still continued to travel. The police immediately siren and propaganda require the vehicle to pull over, but the driver did not stop, but accelerated to the direction of travel of Chuxiong. In desperation, the police drove over the car in the emergency parking zone to stop car and get off of a black Buick car parking. The car driver turned a deaf ear, still speeding. Along the way, from time to time collision central fence. At 2:11, zhuidu 26 kilometers will be a black Buick car stopped, found the car has been distorted license plate is missing, four wheels have been blasting, two car airbags have been popping up, the car of a river相关的主题文章: