AC Milan denied the introduction of small law he did not want the characteristics of us-瀬名アスカ

AC Milan denied the introduction of small law: he did not want the characteristics of the frustration of the small law sina sports news for the acquisition of Fabregas in the winter rumors, AC coach of Milan to clarify the. After the news, a small law in Chelsea did not play the main force in the winter, may leave, while AC Milan interested in him. However, Montella said that the small law is not the person he wants, because the characteristics do not match". Montella: "we want no law we are looking for a Montolivo (six month absence) the characteristics of the players, but also can serve as one of the double waist." Montella said, "Fabregas? He does not have these characteristics." This season, a small law Chelsea relegated to the bench, so far only 1 Premier League starts (0 than 3 negative A Senna), although he said will continue to strive to return to the main, but coach Conti seems to him is not good, do not know if this situation continues, how long can adhere to the small law on the bench. Previously there have been rumors that Juventus are interested in small, but the cause is Chelsea wants Juventus Bonucci, the Bianconeri for Chelsea with little plus 50 million pounds to exchange. (LEGION)相关的主题文章: