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Zhang Jike Chengdu first training sweat Coach: he will in the world table tennis sports   title – Sohu; Beijing time on September 15th, the CCTV sports channel "sports world" on the Grand Slam player Zhang Jike, after the Olympic Games in Rio busy life. Zhang Jike has been in the morning of 3 arrived in Chengdu, he is the latest one in Chengdu table tennis players. But in the afternoon training session, as investment coach Zhang Jike sweatingly. His coach Xiao Zhan said, now Zhang Jike qiuzhanyuwang very strongly, the Chinese he hoped to open a job to repay the majority of fans love to him. In August this year, the Rio Olympic Games, Zhang Jike did not realize he was the defending men’s singles, men’s singles final but scored China team successfully completed the task assigned to him, and in the men’s team competition together with Zhang Jike Malone and Xu Xin, to help Chinese realized defending men’s team. In the Rio Olympic Games, Zhang Jike’s network of hot search more than 400 million times, he became the first net during the Olympic Games this year red. As a result of his home in Qingdao to participate in an event, Zhang Jike a few days ago and did not reach the Chinese table tennis team arrived in Chengdu for the upcoming China open. In the last night, from Beijing to fly to Chengdu on the journey, as a result of the continuation of the flight until he arrived at Chengdu airport at 3 this morning, but there are still hundreds of fans waiting for his arrival at the scene. CCTV reporter said: "more young people like Zhang Jike, like the Chinese team’s table tennis players, this is a good phenomenon." CCTV reporter and Zhang Jike in the same car to Chengdu downtown, CCTV reporter asked Zhang Jike: "what this time waist recently?" He replied: "the waist line." The reporter asks again: "is the foot gone? Has been stepped on many times, right?" Zhang Jike smiled and said, "okay."." Then he said: "the main feeling is relatively poor, tired. Before there is such a continuous experience of flying, feeling tired, some do not adapt." Reporter asked him: "this big star, not good when?" In the reporter’s induction, Zhang Jike said: this has become a large network of red, and they should pay more attention to detail. A lot of things, not as much as before." Many activities to participate, but the training or to find time to complete. Zhang Jike has not been interrupted during this period of training, he said: after the end of the last Olympic Games in this regard is not good enough, the training of a number of planned chaos, this time I feel better." September 15th at noon, Zhang Jike came to the Taiping temple in Sichuan province table tennis team training. A training session, Zhang Jike sweating. His coach Xiao Zhan, former coach of the Sichuan team, Zhang Jike Shaw war on this time state is satisfied, he said: "the days of his training although less, but are devoted his attention to the public outside now China seg." Generally speaking, when the athletes have just finished the Olympic Games, such as the four – Year contest, from the psychological and physical will have a relaxed, relaxed process, but this time Zhang Jike is not. Second days after returning from Beijing, Zhang Jike quietly resumed training. Xiao Zhan explained: "there are so many balls."相关的主题文章: