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Wang Shuzeng talks about Yan Su’s death: I lost a beloved good teacher – Sohu news network Beijing February 12 (reporter Chen Yuan) three a.m. this morning, the famous playwright and lyricist Yan Su died in Beijing. culture channel reporter an exclusive connection room creating the famous military writer, former director of the Political Department of the armed police headquarters Wang Shuzeng, due to the body in the field, he learned the news of Yan Lao’s death in a call with reporters, said sadly, "for the elderly go condolences, our army is less of a good old soldier, I I have lost a beloved teacher. Zhu Yan old way!" Yan Su is the Political Department of the air force art creation, art for 60 years, Yan Su created the "sister Jiang", "I love the blue sky of the motherland" and a large number of well-known classical works, as a tribute to the main melody, made outstanding contributions to the convergence of positive energy, the prosperity of socialist literature and art. In December 24, 2015, comrade Yan Su deeds report will be held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, I have younger comrades, family, tells the story of their eyes, the hearts of the old yan. At the meeting, Wang Shuzeng made a speech entitled "his dream dream the most beautiful music" speech. The following is a statement excerpt: at this moment, I think in October 15th last year, Yan Lao and I attended the Forum on literature and art at the scene. At that time, the old Yan closely party literary spirit, bluntly ills, denounced the vulgar, "debauch", put forward the army Yujingsizuo, great teaching. He said, "the workers should take the lead in the torch lit dream, a dream dream catcher and portland. Reflection in recent years, there is always a feeling of squandering charming eyes, social scandal, scandal, peach lace, show nausea, vulgar vulgar, rushed into the eye, talk endlessly, let me really feel the wind". For a long time, online on history, spoof heroes, playful deconstruction lofty style, Yan Lao and 40 famous artists publicly stand up that attitude, joint advocacy of "heritage red classic, sing the main theme of the times, to resist the wind Wusu network song". Some people in the community to attack him, he did not care, confidently said, as long as I can breathe, to sing, sing the song of strong China dream. Yan Laorong not so-called unspoken rule, he said, there should be fake duck’s egg tonyred, tonyred in literary and art circles to fake, never let go. He insisted that the work quality is king, regardless of origin, do not look at the status, not swayed by personal considerations. After a long time at the symposium, Yan Lao was immersed in excitement, and he told me, now, another spring of literature and art has arrived! Yan Lao with the fiery passion, chief strategist octogenarian China also served as the people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70th anniversary special Gala and chief adviser. In the hospital shortly before the first write two dream song Yan Lao soulful, "heart" is a song, sing for the glorious history of our Party led the people to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream unremitting struggle; another song is "debauch", dedicated to the great cause of reform and a strong army. Lyrics: "singing in the queue, the heart in charge, overcome all the enemies, I am China soldiers……" Author)

王树增谈阎肃去世:我失去了一位敬爱的好老师-搜狐新闻   人民网北京2月12日电(记者 陈苑)今天凌晨三点,著名剧作家、词作家阎肃在北京去世。人民网文化频道记者独家连线著名军旅作家、武警总部政治部创作室原主任王树增,由于身在外地,他在与记者通话中得知阎老去世的消息后,悲痛地说,“对老人的走表示哀悼,我们的军队少了一位优秀的老战士,我本人也失去了一位敬爱的好老师。祝阎老一路走好!”  阎肃是空军政治部文工团创作员,从艺60余年,阎肃创作了《江姐》、《我爱祖国的蓝天》等一大批脍炙人口的经典作品,为歌颂主旋律、汇聚正能量、繁荣社会主义文艺事业做出了突出贡献。  2015年12月24日,阎肃同志先进事迹报告会在北京人民大会堂举行,战友、家人、后学晚辈纷纷讲述了他们眼里、心中的阎老。会上,王树增作了题为《抒写追梦筑梦的最美乐章》的发言。以下为发言选摘:  此时此刻,我不由想起去年10月15日,我和阎老一起参加文艺工作座谈会时的情景。  当时,阎老紧扣党的文艺之魂,直陈时弊,痛斥流俗,提出强军的“风花雪月”,语惊四座,振聋发聩。他说,“文艺工作者要率先点燃梦想火炬,当好追梦筑梦的守望者和开拓者。反思近些年来,总有一种乱花渐欲迷人眼的感觉,社会上绯闻、丑闻、花边桃色,作秀作呕、低俗恶俗,纷纷闯入眼帘,聒噪不休,让我着实感到寒风飒飒”。一段时间以来,网上泛起戏说历史、恶搞英雄、解构崇高之风,阎老和40名著名艺术家公开站出来表明态度,联名倡导“传承红色经典,大唱时代主旋律,抵制网络歌曲恶俗之风”。社会上有人为此攻击他,他满不在乎,理直气壮地说,只要我还有一口气,就要大唱中国梦、大唱强军歌。阎老容不下所谓的潜规则,他说,鸭蛋里面的苏丹红应该打假,文艺界的苏丹红更要打假,决不能放过。他坚持作品质量为王,不分出身、不看地位、不徇私情。  文艺座谈会后很长时间,阎老还沉浸在兴奋激动之中,他跟我说,现在,文艺的又一个春天到了!阎老带着这种火热激情,耄耋之年又担任中国人民抗日战争暨世界反法西斯战争70周年专场文艺晚会的首席策划和首席顾问。  就在住院前不久,阎老饱含深情地写出两首追梦之歌,一首是《全心全意》,讴歌我党带领人民为实现中华民族伟大复兴中国梦不懈奋斗的光辉历程;另一首就是《风花雪月》,献给改革强军伟大事业。歌词这样写道:“高歌队列中,心底在冲锋,战胜一切强敌,我是中国兵……”  作者:陈苑 (来源:人民网-文化频道)相关的主题文章: