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Travel-and-Leisure Affordable London Hotels London is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations in the world as it offers a unique blend of historical attractions partnered with a romantic ambiance. If you are planning a short stay in London without any frills, it would be best to book budget London hotels as you can save on ac.modations and have extra money for things that matter. One hotel you should consider is the Blakemore Hyde Park Hotel where you can stay for less than $80 per night. Another budget hotel to consider is the Shakespeare Hotel as a nights stay is less than $75, and you can enjoy amenities like a convenient wake up call, a TV, and an on-call doctor. You can also spend less than $65 per night by staying in the Lords Hotel, yet another great budget hotel in London you should consider. There are other budget London hotels you can choose from which allows you to stay without spending too much, but still have amenities that will make your stay as .fortable as possible. Head to the City Inn Hotel in London Tourists who are traveling to London for both business and leisure will find staying at the City Inn Hotel truly to their advantage. This hotel is strategically located in Central London which allows easy access to the different London tourist attractions as well as business centers. Those who stay will surely love the view of the sky and how .fortable the rooms are in the City Inn Hotel, as they have been designed specifically to give both to the customer. A restaurant and a coffee bar are just some of whats in store for visitors so that they can enjoy fine dining or have a relaxing minute or two in the bar. Each room also .es with an iMac .puter as well as free Wi-Fi access which is great for tourists who need to stay connected even while on the go. And for those who are in London for business needs, this hotel also .es with a venue to have a meeting or even a conference in. Make Reservations at the Royal Garden London Hotel A lot of tourists choose to stay at the Royal Garden Hotel in London for plenty of great reasons. This London hotel is well famous for its beautiful facilities and .plete amenities to make every stay very memorable and more than .fortable. For starters, guests who are in London for leisure will certainly love soaking up on spa treatments which they can avail of right in the hotel. Room service is available 24 hours a day which allows tourists to order breakfast in bed, and the hotel also .es with its own restaurant that serves different dishes during the day. Tourists who are to browse the hotels official website will find it very useful since they can make reservations online and view what the different rooms look like. There are other amenities and facilities available at the Royal Garden Hotel which every visitor will certainly enjoy. The Athenaeum London Hotel .fort at Its Best The Athenaeum Hotel in London is one of those hotels that speaks .fort and convenience all rolled into one. This hotel is one of the 5 star hotels in London that has a spa which allows users to .fortably relax and enjoy quiet moments as they pamper themselves during their stay. Other facilities that visitors will surely enjoy are the gym and the salon, great for those who need to prepare themselves and get dressed for an event right in the hotel itself. Even the website of the Athenaeum is very useful as it provides visitors much needed information about the hotel and also provides a sneak peek of whats inside. Weddings, meetings, private dinners, and other events can be held in this hotel as well, making it a great choice of hotel to stay in for tourists who are in London for both business and leisure. Tourists can also enjoy a wide array of good food, wine, and even afternoon tea in this hotel as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: