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Arts-and-Entertainment When our family gets together at Christmas, we like to watch Christmas motion pictures. But what are the best Christmas films and how .e we think that they are the best? To get a part of any Top 10 Best Christmas Movies list, they should include certain elements including being able to build a Christmas ambiance including romance, good triumphs over evil and the spirit of goodness and giving at Christmas. Saying that, not all Christmas films may be critically acclaimed however they represent a merry custom of capturing the Christmas holiday spirit. With these guidelines in mind, we give you our list of the Top 10 Best Christmas Movies. The Oldies Some of the most well-liked and most observed Christmas movies are the oldest. These movies have grown to be traditional to your whole age group. Two of these kinds of being: It’s a Wonderful Life as well as White Christmas. -In It’s a Wonderful Life James Stewart is cast as Bailey in the small .munity Bedford Falls, an area he desires to escape, but can’t quite escape from. That’s because, despite numerous opportunities to leave, incidents ultimately drive him to stay and save the town from the cruelty of evil corporate tycoon Mister. Potter (Lionel Barrymore). One Christmas Eve, problems prompt Bailey to attempt suicide, wishing that he had never been born. Much to his astonishment, a happy-go-lucky angel (Henry Travers) arrives and grants Bailey’s wish, allowing him to see a world in which he never existed. This experience opens up Bailey’s eyes and heart as he discovers the true value of life. -White Christmas, an additional old favorite begins on the battle ground during World War II, on the eventful night when Danny Kaye saves the life of Bing Crosby. The magic is due mainly to the songs of Irving Berlin, which in addition to the beloved title song includes ‘Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep,’ ‘Blue Skies’. This is a timeless video that has be.e a classic. -Miracle on 34th Street is also a classic that can be enjoyed by the whole family. In 94′ a remake of the classic film came out with a cast of brilliant actors like Richard Attenborough who played Kris Kringle. The storyline is amazing and follows Kriss Kringle in his bid to show Santa Claus really exists. The songs as well as the setting are both stunning in this movie. Both the vintage and the new are well worth watching! The .edies -Elf is a light hearted Christmas film .edy starring Will Ferrell. As an orphan infant, Buddy (Will Ferrell) crept out of his crib straight into Santa’s sack and accidentally gets taken back to the North Pole. Thus he grows up working with the elves in Santa’s work shop. Now clearly grown up physically, Buddy is dismayed to realize that he is a person, not an elf. Thus upon finding out that his own father lives in New York, he sets off to find him with heart-warming and hilarious This is a genuine feel good motion picture with a unique theme. -There are a handful of films that simply have to be watched every Christmas and The Santa Claus is one of them. The story is simple. Tim Allen brilliantly plays Scott Calvin (take note his initials) a divorced parent who usually lets his young boy down because of his busy working lifestyle. That is until he by accident kills Santa Claus. To his shock and dismay, and his sons delight, he has to be.e the new Santa. The film follows his transforming life and attitudes and shows the newly developing relationship between father and son. Currently there are two sequels to this much loved movie, equally as charming and well produced. -Of all of the Christmas movies, one of my particular favorites that is certainly a classic is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and also Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) are remarkable characters whether it is Clark’s over the top house light show or Eddie’s way of emptying his waste tank. And how can you forget the aunt and uncle and the poor cat. This particular 1989 Christmas .edy motion picture was directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik and is regarded by many cinema critics to be a "guilty pleasure". If you haven’t viewed this particular film you owe it to yourself to view it just once. If you do, I predict you will be absolutely hooked too! -For a traditional Christmas story with a twist, Muppet Christmas Carol starring Michael Caine uses the Charles Dickens storyline in a light-hearted manner suitable for all ages. The Muppets Christmas Carol is maybe the best of the Muppets movies, with Gonzo doing a fantastic job playing Mr Dickens, as well as Michael Caine doing an excellent job in the role of grumpy old Scrooge. -For those who like a good .edy Home Alone, featuring Macaulay Culkin fits the bill. Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister was accidentally left home alone by his family while they fly off to France for Christmas vacation. Kevin to start with loves his freedom, gorging himself on treats and staying up late, until he’s forced to guard his home from criminals. Rated PG. Suitable for kids 8+ on account of there being a couple of instances of bad language and several scenes involving slapstick violence. -The Holiday is a Christmas movie for the adults, this romantic .edy starring Cameron Diaz ticks all the proper boxes. The Holiday, is cleverly set in two places; Surrey, England along with L.A, USA. When Amanda (Cameron Diaz) breaks up with her cheating ex-boyfriend, she determines she has to get away from everything so she searches for a vacation on the Internet. She finds a House Exchange, where she meets Iris (Kate Winslet), a writer for the Times who also wants to get away from it all. The two decide to exchange houses for two weeks, so Iris jets off to LA. At the same time Amanda is actually stuck in Snowy Surrey. These are joined by Jack Black and heart-throb Jude Law to make this a heart warming film for Christmas. For your Kiddies For young children Raymond Briggs’s animated The Snowman and Father Christmas .bined are fast classics. -The Snowman is a wonderful wordless .puter animation of the book along with brilliant tunes, timeless songs and lovely humour. -The .puter animation is just lovely and the antics of Father Christmas will have children giggling at this charming tale of what Father Christmas gets up to the rest of the calendar year. These are just my take on the Top 10 Best Christmas Movies,there are many more Christmas motion pictures to help you get in the Christmas holiday spirit. Christmas films are not just fantastic to watch together with friends and family, they can make great gifts at Christmas too that will continue for many Christmases into the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: