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Home-Improvement When it .es to Oakland home remodeling, First Rate Renovations, Inc. has been serving the San Leandro area since 1995. Is there such a thing as a free lunch or a free design consultation? According to David Pinsley, the vice president/senior designer/sales executive of the .pany, there is not. Here, Pinsley talks about his attitude towards things given out for free. A consultation involves visiting with someone, then deciding who you want to move forward with. After we set all that up, then we charge a fee for the design. I dont like the word free. I like the word consultation. I call the first free consultation simply the initial consultation. In fact, there is nothing you can get for free. If you call me on the phone and you say, David, can you give me a ballpark figure? then I am going to answer, Yankee Stadium, or The Oakland Coliseum. As far as I am concerned, those are the only ballpark figures I know. There is no such thing as a free design. I do not believe in free designs. They are worthless. Home Depot gives you a free design. They are trying to sell you some cabinets. The design they give you is worth zero. There is no thought to it. You are hanging cabinets on the wall. And that is all you are getting as no thought is given to anything to do with design whatsoever. It is just, We are in the business of selling cabinets and countertops. Give us the dimensions of your room and would you like us to move forward? All you are getting is a free estimate, or whatever the estimate is worth. A free design and free estimate are all in the same category. If someone asks if we give free estimates on renovating a kitchen or a bathroom, I say, No, I dont, I charge. When they ask how much, I say, A smile and a cup of coffee. And usually I get a laugh. And then they say to me, What do you mean? I say, I will .e out and visit with you on the initial consultation. We will take a look at your project. Then Ill give you some ideas on what kind of budget to consider to do your job. When it .es to design consultation, I will not give an estimate, but talk to your budget and see how I can qualify to be your design/build contractor. Its that easy. Its that honest. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: