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Web-Design Are you ready to create a personal website or business websites, but dont know how to guide your designer? Well, to console you, I tell you, this feeling is simply normal, because anyone who tries to create a web design for the first time feels a bit intimidated. So, if you feel that you wont be able to get a quality design because you wont be able to guide the writer correctly, then we are going to help you over.e this fear once and for all. So, you will know the important elements of web design and what you should expect once the designer is done with your website. Now, the first thing that you need to confirm is that whether your designer can create your brand identity or not. Brand identity design is also known as provides Logo Designs . It is a very important part of your business and website, because it gives a visual face to your business. Hence, it must look professional and elegant. If the designer says yes, then you need to tell him to create a logo that will correctly depict your business model and also represent you as a true professional. You will have to pay extra attention to it because it will not only be used on your website, it will also be used in your marketing campaigns. Now, the next step is to tell the designer to study your market first and analyze the designs of your .petitors. Tell the designer to make the web design relevant to your business model (just like your logo) to ensure that your visitors wont be confused. When visitors .e to your site, but cant figure out what your site is about, they will leave in less than 5 seconds. So, your web design has to be relevant to the business model. Another important thing is that you need to make the navigation as simple as possible. See, your professional design will help you capture the attention of your visitors and your navigation will help them explore your site in detail. So, if you create .plicated navigation, then your visitors will have a lot of trouble exploring your site and products. If you want to sell more products to your visitors, then you need to place everything in front of them as nicely and neatly as possible. Ensure that they do not get a headache because of excessive links and information. Last but not least You have got to make your website SEO-friendly. If your designer is not aware of the latest and best SEO practices, then you should not hire him. You want buyers to .e to your site and the best way to bring the most targeted buyers is through search engines. So, to ensure that your site ranks high in search engines, you need to make your website SEO-friendly. So, folks, by following the tips mentioned above, you will not only be able to guide your designer, you will also be able to create a top quality website for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: