73 year old sugar friends eat hypoglycemic drugs while eating sweets suddenly blind-yo te amo

The 73 year old "old sugar friends eat sweets and hypoglycemic drugs also sudden blindness of Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog) November 17th hearing (Fuzhou evening news reporter Zhu Danhua (micro-blog)) normal blood glucose did not control, wake up suddenly, what are invisible! Fuzhou Linyibode the diabetic retinopathy, duration of the VI period, he realized the seriousness of the problem. Doctors advise that the incidence of diabetic eye complications is high, sugar friends should be early prevention, early detection, early treatment". The 73 year old Linyibo. He has a history of diabetes for more than 20 years. He thought he would eat hypoglycemic drugs safe, so sweet he always "uncontrollable mouth", leading to large fluctuations in blood glucose. Last year, Linyibo noticed gradually decline in their eyesight, he thought it was old, natural degradation of eyes. Two months ago, Linyibo woke up and found my eyes can’t see. The North Hospital of Fujian Province-owned Hospital (Fujian geriatric hospital) director of Ophthalmology physician Liu Xin Linyibo inspection found that in addition to diabetic retinopathy VI period, he was also suffering from diabetic cataract. After two times to "intravitreal ranibizumab injection", Linyibo symptom control, the visual acuity to 0.1. Next, the doctor considered his first surgery for cataract, retinal laser treatment. "25 times higher probability of occurrence of retinopathy in diabetic patients compared with ordinary people, they can cause blindness." Liu said the new doctor, the patient’s blood sugar content is high, it will induce a series of physiological changes in the body, and finally can cause retinal detachment, resulting in blindness. In fact, diabetic eye disease can be effectively prevented." Liu pointed out that if the patient can control the blood sugar every day, you can prevent the occurrence of diabetic eye disease. Once found suffering from diabetic eye disease, the sooner the better treatment effect, the smaller the cost. Patients should be based on the rational use of drugs to control sugar, every six months to receive a fundus screening, eye complications have occurred in patients, should be reduced to a quarterly screening frequency. (Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: