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85 Zhao brother 8 years Kuangzhuan ten thousand times in two weeks China Jiancang profit 500 million yuan Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with your entries you earn can make you money era is gone: my hand sigh means of supervision continue to professional and efficient Zhejiang a famous hot money gangster, because the manipulation of a small cap stocks, large fines not only by the Commission, and was asked to go to copy the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Trading rules. After the hot money gangster in this matter, they decided to bid farewell to the short-term mode of operation, turned to increase market. The reporter Qu RED-SWALLOW Puhong Yi, Jian Ming editor in September 13, 2016, Chinese Commission released the latest study of market manipulation case administrative punishment decision, the well-known hot money "big brother" Xiao Haidong for control of the use of 7 accounts, 12 stock price manipulation, illegal profit of 13 million 410 thousand yuan, a total of 53 million 650 thousand yuan confiscated by the csrc. The punishment for Xiao Haidong is not just a case. According to the Shanghai Securities Journal statistics, this year, only the China Securities Regulatory Commission officially announced the manipulation of the market has been investigated and dealt with 17 cases, involving individuals of 24, the agency of 3. In the 17 cases have been published, confiscate the illegal income and fines totaling more than 1 billion 560 million yuan, the heaviest punishment personal confiscated a total of 520 million yuan. Talking about money, unknown to the small and medium-sized investors often have a love and hate: love is a shares of hot money in the short-term sharp rally, the birth of a large number of the rich stories; hate is soaring after the manipulated stock is often plunged hastily in probability of losing money is far greater than the money. But since last year, with further normalization, market supervision, fine and professional, once fame money traders increasingly felt the biting cold, the old arena has become increasingly more cramped. Is to continue to commit crimes against the wind? Or is this exit? Or struggling to survive? Has become all hot money had to face a choice. Means of supervision DaoGaoYiZhang in recent years, money traders have generally felt that the regulators for market manipulation case supervision means is constantly becoming more professional and efficient. In the Xiao Haidong market manipulation case, regulators by comparing 7 accounts between the source and destination of funds, securities accounts entrusted to a single transaction using the address, and Xiao Haidong himself immigration records and flight information elements, master Xiao Haidong, when handling 12 stocks through which transactions in. All the information is in the hands of a man. Hot money trader Wu also admitted to reporters Zhengbao, and their A stock market for more than and 10 years, this year faced a real challenge. Wu is a large customer of a Shenzhen brokerage business department, the amount of funds amounted to billions of love and short-term trading, he has a beautiful big room in the business department, specially hired four young traders. Wu never pay attention to the fundamentals, past his technique is simple and crude but very effective: pull late trading, second days opened several points. With this technique, Wu are round the market to gain a lot of money, in 2015 rose, on相关的主题文章: